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  1. XbaggyboyX

    Oldies Ss.

    JAJAJAJAJASHAHAJAHJAHAJAHAJAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! the likeness is uncanny! (except i dont boot heroin sry :( )
  2. XbaggyboyX

    So So So So Sad :(

    we need a flame thread on topic: hahaha just goes to show how ares does it :)
  3. XbaggyboyX

    Crusade Hunting

    oh hai vampyr long time no see in forum on topic: i fight in sades because it is exciting to get the damage boost and see how many you can kill, how much base you can build, atc... its not about wining its about playing to me and hunting during sades is ok, i dont mind you can only kill so many tw's anyway, its not even worth it all the other stuff is just a bonus like gaucho and vampyr said, its ares vs elv, whoever wins is pr0zer
  4. XbaggyboyX

    Oldies Ss.

    zzzomg larrr nais pics rasta!!! u gf is nais! dupe for mi plx?thx! i dont have a shirt that says BaggyBoyX yet but i do haz one that says Baggz(iz me nickname irl) i will pr0st on forum when i have pr0 pic
  5. XbaggyboyX

    Oldies Ss.

    ITS THE DEVIL OMG work in progress ;) SMOKER FOR LIFE BITCH o yea, also oldies guildsman hahaha
  6. XbaggyboyX

    Ie Neck And Ice Golems

    Oh man people are really dense. And HE'S saying that since they only damage you if they manage to freeze you, they are bugged and need fixing. Yeah - I'm dense alright. Even though that's how it's always been at nemesis, I don't know if it's a bug or not because I haven't played HBUSA/INT in so long. Not like that matters, we're not USA/INT. We do things different.
  7. XbaggyboyX

    Ie Neck And Ice Golems

    I think you need to get yourself an IE necky :lol:
  8. XbaggyboyX

    Clearing Down To Abaddon

    i disagree if its an abby hunt i can make an exception ;)
  9. XbaggyboyX

    Due To Popular Demand

    :excl: :excl: :excl: MERI BERDAY M3NZ!!!! :excl: :excl: :excl: hopefully its awesome!!! get drunk and laid lots!!!!! ^_^
  10. XbaggyboyX

    1st Stage Updates Done

    FARJAT YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!! MUCHOS GRACIAS MEN! TU ES DE BUENA HOMBRES!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my spanish is minimal -.-)
  11. XbaggyboyX

    Happy Bday To Me

    meri birday men!!! im a lil late 0.0'''
  12. XbaggyboyX

    To Many Unicorns In Garden

    you like the sausage dont you :blink: Auhauheuheuheuaheauhe!!!!!! on topic: NOT SO MANY UNIS PLZ!!!
  13. XbaggyboyX

    First Dk15!!

    agree with ^^^ however, assasin is legit ek men... He ek like a madman And on topic: GRATS MEAT!!!!! I'm not too far behind!!! ^_^