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  1. Night-Mare


    bad idea and you know why.
  2. Night-Mare

    Upgrading Ancient Wepons, And Strong Armor

    There's a reason why Anc weapons can't be upgraded. You can compare anc bh to sbh rep7 or smth. abh is like in a class on its own. Now imagine if you could upgrade your abh to like +2. WAY too powerful.
  3. Night-Mare

    Old Schoolers?

    Im old school. Just cba to play in nemesis. Can't have a good pvp with ppl who don't listen. :(( Played hbint/usa looong time ago.
  4. Night-Mare

    What To Do After Getting Hero Set?

    Warrs have full heros that are actually useful. Let them have THAT advantage. warrs need all the help they can get. A dk mage will always be stronger than a puny warr.
  5. Night-Mare

    What To Do After Getting Hero Set?

    If you got hero set on a 180 mage and you use it, I will laugh at you for the rest of the time that I play this game...
  6. Night-Mare

    Bring Back Old Wand Packs!

    download 2.2 hb full, replace the paks in nemesis sprites with the ones in 2.2. (the wand paks)
  7. Night-Mare


    Really have to agree with Josh. But what can we do, this is not a democracy, never has been. GM is god, and if you play on their server, you are the midget, the mere opinion of 1 player doesn't count for squat. Sorry for the expression, and sorry if it's said to rude, but this is how it is, how it has always been.
  8. Night-Mare

    Solo A Demon

    I can solo a demon no sweat. I did so on inf clean out, there was a single demon, pfmed, zerked. Did normal hits during 2 zerks and then critted it down. Didn't use one hp pot. Used regular dk set , bbh+2 and 92% hp gem. Although I have only 88 vit so i can do like 2 or 3 maximum, then im burned out.
  9. In hbusa Paha solod a fire wyvern on his mage that was like 150+ something.
  10. Night-Mare

    Bf Monster Replacement

    Oh please, you want things to be too easy. People managed before, they 'll manage now. I rest my case. It 's not called the battlefield for nothing ;)
  11. Night-Mare

    Best Guild

    Fights - Finnish newbies ( :D ) Hunts: dno Teamwork - finnish newbies best wars - finnish newbies best mages - dno (Oh and, EKs don't mean anything - you may have fhero but if you re not pvp-aware you re not gonna be much help.)
  12. Night-Mare

    Hero Cape

    420 wasn t too bright in pvp but i swear he is the best trader in this game.
  13. Night-Mare

    Is Today's Reset A Scheduled One?

    It s a good thing we hadn't been hunting for too long to lose all of it.
  14. Night-Mare

    Is Today's Reset A Scheduled One?

    Back to square one. AGAIN!!!!
  15. Night-Mare

    Hero Cape

    There was no hero in 2.191. But hero pieces were available since 2.2x