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  1. Fire~Star


    cuz they sux ofc.. xpect farjat
  2. Fire~Star


    lol dumah tolld me a good guy :) maybe u have a heart after all ! and ye dd is better then me lol i know that already !:P
  3. Fire~Star


    well i got ban for 3 mounths cuz i cursed gms and i guess ill be ban from forum after this topic too lol so guys was nice to play with u and 3 mounths and ill come back i hope if gms wont make it longer cuz *censored*ing elguason that peice of shit got me ban for 3 mounths and i hope he die tommorrow lol so all i want to say is farjat is the only good admin only only him and some more gms but to bad they never on... well all i wanne to say is Hunter/elguason ?? *censored* U..!! cu guys in 3 mounths ! hehe and in forum i guess ull never see me cuz ban + 1 to me ! but read it quick before hunter will see it and ban me ! lol
  4. Fire~Star

    The Thieves Will Raid Town.

    funny girl ur nick in game plz.. ! :)
  5. Fire~Star

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    are u a girl ? :-O
  6. Fire~Star

    Monday Of Updates.

    kk nice update sir but 1 thing i didnt understand about the ek limit.. if i kill some1 2 time in 1 hour its automatic that i cant touch him again ? or its in my responbality to not attack him .. answer plz
  7. Fire~Star

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    hehe look Walla eyes he looks like he on drugs :PP
  8. Fire~Star

    Rightious Dont Work

    if u played in ur player since max was lvl 140... then ur player will have 500 rep cuz u old player.. !! thats it .. !
  9. Fire~Star


    15 secounds is much much better then 1 min.. if u paraed for 1 min probably u die for sure.. !! with 15 sec paralaysed u will not die and the fight will be longer and much more fun is longer fight then short fight... so my vote is 15 sec.. !
  10. Fire~Star

    Easter Egg Hunt Event

    and you hide balls in farm.. ?
  11. Fire~Star

    All Gms And Players Please Read

    what about jews :( dumah always calling me a jew !
  12. Fire~Star

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    Nop. I'm from Europe bro. It's damn long way from Uruguay to Czech republic. P.D.: yeah elguason i had fun lolol. GAYYYY !!!!
  13. Fire~Star

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    WOW GARCH U BIG ! :)
  14. Fire~Star

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    u look nice in the pic.. ! but i loook even better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Fire~Star

    Happy Bd Raquzz

    happy bday hehe