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  1. Shadowrain

    Byebye Hb

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW i hate to see u leave Milk ur a great player!
  2. Shadowrain


    ehh Thanks i appreciate it! :lol:
  3. Shadowrain


    What happened to the server? Are we getting an update or is the Server's malfunction? Answer pls :P
  4. Shadowrain

    Sorry Folks....

    well i hate to see u go but i guess its time cya later Frost/Lew which was one of my first friends when i frist was at nemesis!!!
  5. Shadowrain


    its getting harder for mages to kill bbh wars becuz of the stripping! so i guess i would but a war and be half shield half axe war i guess that would be good
  6. Shadowrain

    Tp Abuse During Crusade

    i think tit should be disabled because in 10 secs ppl just run and they just wait for it to up and then they tp. if u disable it ppl wont be able to tp anywhere and more of a chance of getting most eks in sades Since recall in enemy town is forbidden this would be a benefit to getting most eks
  7. Shadowrain

    Easter Egg Hunt Event

    will it be under something or just layed out?
  8. Shadowrain

    Easter Egg Hunt Event

    by eggs what u mean the acctual stone or a icon or object that is used to represent them? and its spread out in places like BI?
  9. Shadowrain

    Get Well Soon And Welcome Home Sexygm

    I miss u Sexy[GM] :lol: Hope you have a fast recovery and hopefully see u in the server :D
  10. Shadowrain

    A /tooff Change

    Synz ur picture reminds me of some1 in elvine that has the same thing or similar... Oh now i know its [TeTeU] srry for confusion :lol: and ummm i think tooff should be fixed too
  11. Shadowrain

    Mendicrim's Watermelons Fans Club

    why doesent Scofield just recall,if he gets lucky he can escape and im in the ss in global chat =D
  12. Shadowrain

    Helbreath Top50

    =O in time my friends we will be back in top 50 =D
  13. Shadowrain

    Daylights Savings Time

    until when do we have to set our clocks back 1 hr? (then i can get some snooze in :P )
  14. Shadowrain

    Another Ones Bites The Dust.

    well sint it obvious,Sky and farjat never knew <_< and they lamed on my account cuz he wanted to get the hero set and if u dont like what i write then dont respond to it! It would save u time
  15. Shadowrain

    ~phoenix~ Pulled

    Cake quit confusing me which one is it? :wacko: