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  1. tristan

    Game Update 11/11/2014

    This, up to this day, is still happening. Also, when multi-hits are done to one target, the darker color number (which I understand represent the secondary multi-hit) shows an incorrect value.
  2. tristan

    Delete Character

    You should make a ticket on the website to do this. Anyways, I think is a good idea to change that restriction, I like the idea of time played ('cause honestly you can be 180 y less than 5 minutes).
  3. tristan

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    Is it going to be announced on both servers who completed the quest 1st? :)
  4. tristan

    Several Suggestions

    Gotcha, maybe it wasn't intended that enchanting and salvaging give skill progress when failing. BTW, I know about the difficulty of any skill at the start, what I said was ment to be kind of a comparison between skills: it's even more a pain in the %&$# to rise skinning now than any other skill (talking about experience, I have manu 100% and progressing in many other skills). Thank you. Will do. I get that, and I know how complex it can be. That's why I suggested it, so people can comment their thoughts about it, so you can make a very good and fair system. The initial idea is that the timer is only one factor, that have to meet with other factors too to be awarded with the assist. I can add some more restrictions to get the assist that I can think of: - Be in the same map as during the 60 sec. timer: if you change map, assist just doesn't count. - Increase the interaction required on the kill: at least 2 agressive spells cast succesfully (not miss) on the target, and/or a minimum damage over the average damage done by all players who hit the target (ex. 10% of avg. dmg done to the target). - Be alive to get the asisst (so you don't get assist on corpse wating for restart status) I hope more people comment on this. I don't agree with this very much. I tought about it before, and I think one of the cool things about Helbreath is that almost everything and everywhere is dangerous; you are not completely safe anywhere (actually as a parenthesis, you should be able to die even afk in WH! I don't agree much with the idea that starving to death doesn't kill you here). So, the world is dangerous, and be able to steal something is part of that danger. I think that if you implement a loot system, this will turn into WoW or such games, not cool for Helbreath. Again, thank you for your responses and time.
  5. tristan

    Several Suggestions

    Hello there, I've been playing here almost since the server started, and I'm very pleased that the server is in constant development and improvement, with great feedback to the players. Because of that, I've been thinking about a couple of things to suggest. 1. Skinning progress. At this time, when you fail to skin a body you don't gain +1 to skill up progress. You gain only with success, which is very very low rate at the beggining of a new kind of monster to skin. Considering the high rates of Banana server, it's a pain in the %$"& to rise this skill because it is extremly slow and is very obvious why no one has it even 80% yet (the guy with the highest skill is like 68% by now). I suggest to make it like Salvaging: when you fail to salvage the materials/gems when salvaging an item, you still gain skill progress, but you don't get the items (of course). Then, when you fail to skin a body, you gain skill progress but you don't get the body part. 2. Manufactured items color on DK+15. It's a very minor and cosmetic issue, but for some of us would be nice if manufactured DK+15, Paladin and Bishop sets, have different color. Now, normal (non +15) DK parts have different color (the greenish color that manu'd items ussualy have), but upgraded doesn't. 3. Assist EK system. This is a very huge suggestion, because it makes some additions to EK system, but I hope you at least consider it. Since I started to play HB, I found very frustrating some times that you invest lot of time raiding and because only the person that last shot an enemy gets the EK, then you left with empty hands. I suggest to make an Assist EK system, with the following rules (that are opened to comments for improvement): - Have an extra slot on the character screen showing your assist count. - Only when you are in a party with the person who get the EK, and you damaged at least once or casted at least 1 succesful agressive spell with no damage(paralyze, staminar drain, etc.) on the target within X amount of time (suggested = 60 sec), you get an assist point. - Make an option to exchange assist points for EKs at the City Hall, making it 3 Assist = 1 EK (this rate opened to suggestions). I think this will promote more people to go PvPing and Raiding, and participate on events such as Crusade or Heldenian. Thank you very much for your time. Regards.
  6. tristan

    Sharp, Ancient And Righteous Weapons

    No, no such thing is true. If such a change would take place, it would be announced in an official update. But no such thing was made, and we're not planning to make a change to ancient either. Ok! Thank you for your response.
  7. tristan

    Sharp, Ancient And Righteous Weapons

    I heard in-game that ancient weapons are modified on nemesis/banana, so they add +4 dmg instead of +2. Is that true?
  8. tristan

    Game Update 07/11/2014

    Ok! Thank you for your answers ;) Anyways, if I recall correctly, in original Helbreath it always has been like that, high completion manu'd items have more endurance.
  9. tristan

    Game Update 07/11/2014

    The DR part is very clear, is exactly how i thought it was. The ENDURANCE part I think is not right, because you said "normal manued items don't gain additional endu, the only gain more endu when being upgraded (+1, +2, etc...)"", but that's incorrect. Proof: So, then I think that non-upgraded manu DK armors are special, and do not gain extra endurance from completion above 100%. Is that right?
  10. tristan

    Game Update 07/11/2014

    Hello, I have the following questions about the manu'd DK sets. 1. What is the formula for DR - PA - END of the ones with less than 200% completion (DK / DK+15)? I mean, are the numbers proportional and rounded down (as of almost every formula in helbreath), so it would be like this? Example: DK Hauberk (non upgraded) 100% completion DR: 16 PA: 16 END: 2250 150% completion DR: 18 PA: 16 END: 2250 (same END according to table) 200% completion DR: 20 PA: 16 END: 2250 (same END according to table) DK Hauberk (upgraded to +15) 100% completion DR: 18 PA: 18 END: 3028 150% completion DR: 20 PA: 18 END: 3266 (proportional?) 200% completion DR: 22 PA: 18 END: 3505 So, would that mean that a 150% completion DK piece has the same DR as a 174% one (20.0 = 20.9 rounded down). Is this right? 2. Isn't it supposed that high completion manu'd items add aditional endurance? Because for the case of the non-upgrade DK items, the only difference I see in the table between a normal DK and a manu'd one is the DR, but normal manu'd items have much more natural endurance (200% completion normal items have double endurance), and according to the very same table, manu'd DK+15 parts have more endurance too. Thank you in advance for your time :)
  11. tristan

    Sharp, Ancient And Righteous Weapons

    Thank you for your answer WhiteFang. Very clear.
  12. Hello, I have the following question about Sharp and Ancient weapons. I did a little research, and sites with Helbreath info say mainly two different things about those weapons stats. 1st option Sharp and Ancient weapons give +1 and +2, respectively, to the min and max damage. Same for righteous weapons, but with a +5 limit based on the char reputation. Example: Giant Sword: 2D11+3 (5~25) Sharp Giant Sword: 2D11+4 (6~26) Ancient Giant Sword: 2D11+5 (7~27) Rightoeus Giant Sword (with +5 dmg added based on char's reputation): 2D11+8 (10~30) 2nd option Sharp and Ancient weapons give +1 and +2, respectively, to the max dice damage. Same for righteous weapons, but with a +5 limit based on the char reputation. Example: Giant Sword: 2D11+3 (5~25) Sharp Giant Sword: 2D12+3 (5~27) Ancient Giant Sword: 2D13+3 (5~29) Rightoeus Giant Sword (with +5 dmg added based on char's reputation): 2D16+3 (5~35) So, here in Banana server, what is the true option about those stats? Thank you for your time. Regards.
  13. tristan

    Manufactured Items

    Thank you very much for your responses.
  14. tristan

    Manufactured Items

    Hello, I would like to ask about Manufactured items. Surfing this forum, I found this old thread: My questions are: 1. Do those mechanics about Manufactured Items, exposed in that thread, still apply the same way in Banana server? 2. How does the % Completion of Manufactured Weapons affect Hitting Probability? (It is not explained in the topic, as they focus on damage calculation). I make this question because in the website it says: "Manufactured weapons also increase or decrease the hit ratio by the following formula: "Completion %" - 100 A 200% Completion weapon increases the Hit Ratio of Critical Hits by 100." But it's not clear if it only affect Critical Hits, or non Critical Hits as well. Thank you very much in advance. Regards.