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  1. You did a server restart, posted a game update in forums 30 minutes ago, but did not upload the new client into the updater.
  2. wolong

    Wo's Amazing Wares

    Ze list of itens for ze tradez: Jewelry: Merien necklace Beholder necklace ROGM (W) Armors: MR 49 berk MR 42 hose mr 21 full helm mp 63 hose hp 35 berk hp 28 hose M Armors: mp 42 hose mp 56 berk mp 21 helm merien plate Weapons: Anc BSS HP+63 Poison Baxe hp 56% Poison GiS Rep 7 Demon Slayer +3 Medusa Blade Spells: Inhibition manual Looking for Warrior M items, cancellation, zwand, gbh. High HP bh / gis etc, make some offers. IGN: Wo-Long