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  1. MR SET: MR91 Wood shield MR84 Berk W MR77 Hose W MR63 Chain W MR21 Cape And the best cape in game, CAPE DR63!!!!!!!!!! JUST PM WITH SERIOUS OFFERS.
  2. Send me a PM i cant pm u
  3. No more mage, just items.... MR SET Chain 63 W Berk 84 W Hose 77 W Wood 91 Cape 21 EXTRAS MS16 DF25 ROGM MA24 Targe Mag Ang 7 Dex Ang 11 Horned MA15 W Iron shield MR63 Air Elemental Neck Efreet Neck And more cool items, just PM.
  4. CER

    Buying Mp Berk / Chain / Leather

    Just PM me and we can talk, mp84 hose mp91 leath mp35 berk mp84 targe mp35 cape