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    Make Mass Illusion Movement as rare drop

    yep mim is bad we should do something with that before its too late, mages with high mp can carry ridiculouse amount of wars with that spell
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    Hello i like the idea going back to classic and trading eks for currency its good move, but not for very rare items which affect a lot in pvp. About hf its so hard to tell first thing is that its very easy to ek and exp with that spell to be honest both too super easy for ek and exp , but at least mage can exp on every pit not only trolls this gives a lot more fun, without hf also can exp on ogre or ww something ,but its painful too boring take a lot more time. So why dont make it super rare, If its super good not like it was before, a lot people have hf and it was not good, if a lot players get an item its not rare anymore its common and hf was that item at the end! About conclusion just for the whole game, its simple make drop very low 2x lower than you want to do now, because this is what ruined every server not high exp but too high drop. If everyone have only shop items this is fun! Because everyone fights in middleland no one hiding all have a chance for win. When people get a lot good items too fast they got bored an leave"its fruit server and it will not stand long , we dont want that" But FIRST thing is that when we got a lot of players with cool stuff like ridiculous high mr hp mp set. Than at this point server losing players, because normal player cant stand a chance with peoples having sets 70+, he will die couple o times than he leave, cause 0 chance for win so whats the point in playing? The Goal is only one maximize the time before players get too high items, otherwise newly character with 0 items will leave. Until people still finding items, thats the server chance will gather more and more players, always after that there is less income, when everyone will saw on chat "trade sb gbh xneck x ring set hp70+" they will not play the server.
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    Game Update 09/12/2015

    You can ubgrade your skirt
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    Banana Gone?

    Its closed also nem3 there is new server now nemesis guild
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    If anyone want fight send me pm or /to syd or Sou in game, I have war and mage. Did i find some challenge?
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    Storm Bringer+3 (best weapon in the game) Sharp Battle Hammer HP35+3 Necklace of Ice Protection ( Ice Magic Absorption+25% Ice Resistance+50% ) Ring of Dragon Power ( Physical Damage+5 ) SOLD Magic Necklace DM+4 Angel DEX+11 Wand ms20 exp Wand ms20 hp49 MR M: Horn Helm mr56 Plate Mail mr49 Hauberk mr91 Chain Hose mr77 Cape mr28 targe shield mr91+3 Hauberk mr49 Chain Hose mr49+3 MR W: Hauberk mr63 HP M: Cape hp63 Wing Helm hp42 Plate Mail hp84 (4500endu) Hauberk hp70 shield hp84 MP W: Chain Hose mp35W shield mp91 MA M: Hose ma 27 targe shield ma21+1 PA M: Plate Mail pa36M+3 (4500endu) (very rare and working) targe shield pa30 Account with Full Hero Warrior and hero combatant cape PM with offers or /to Senju in game
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    Merien plate is a common drop
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    Wipe Banana And Better Settings

    Sad to hear too bad that server dont gather some people again, I like nem3 and banana. Any plans for banana server? or you just still waiting.
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    Wipe Banana And Better Settings

    Yep this will be better idea than wipe banana, no one playing golden era now i log couples o times and always 1 online. So White what do you think about transfer characters from nem3 to banana. For sure will be more players on banana server than, make a poll if you not decided. Or wipe banana and transfer nem3 chars on wiped banana i think people will start playing also.
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    No Title

    How do you know whiteangel if hbo die so part o people will come back to play banan
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    Hell Fire Manual Cancellation Manual Earth Shock Wave Manual Ice Storm Manual Liche Neck Necklace of Medusa Necklace of Beholder Merien Chain Mail+3 Necklace of Efreet Giant Battle Hammer Wand MS20 HP84 Targe Shield PA30 MA30 Angel MAG+20 MP M: Manu Chain 195% MP 70+3 Cap MP56+3 Hauberk MP63 Hose MP49+3 Cape MP21 Blonde shield MP91+3 HP M: Chain Mail HP63+3 Hauberk HP 77 Chain Hose HP 49 Cap HP35+3 Targe Shield HP84 MR M: Hat MR42 Chain Hose MR63 Cape MR28 Hauberk MR49 Chain Mail MR28+3 Targe Shield MR91 DR M : Chain DR49+3 Hose DR56+3 Berk DR42+3 Hat DR28+3 lagi shield DR77+3 PM with offers or /to syd or Sou in game
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    Two Bugs

    1. When someone use a ressurection on a player, than ressurected player dont have regens mp until he cast spell. 2. Fire and Ice Wyvern dont have 1st drop, but on website 1st drop is writed.
  14. Senju

    Two Bugs

    Also there is a bug sometimes when you drop item its faded in bag, you click to drop but game dont drop it and item stay in bag as faded and cant use also take slot in bag. Its annoying cause must relog to fix this. Its old bug but maybe no one raport this yet.
  15. Someone know him? he steal berk mp77 m from my ek Alfifi my nick in game syd here is some screens to show how stupid he is
  16. H@H@ najs he died today 2 times in a row in elv :)
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    A Few Suggestions.

    If it possible will be good to do like that. Every time you kill some monster the icons will be changed for that monster. Example if you kill troll you see trolls, than if you kill rudolph you will see rudolphs.
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    A Few Suggestions.

    1. Not really understand, you want to put more options on/off for low detail? Example visable footstep on low detail, but still all in gray. 2. It will be good to move that objective where you want, but default in one place will be also nice. 3. Yes it will help a lot good idea. Also I have another solution, there is some trees on ib, which aren't included in the option without trees. There is possibility to add them?
  19. Senju

    A Few Suggestions.

    I have also one solution for the quests. In accepted quests put info like "kill 30liche" "kill 30 liche party". Because sometimes didnt know, if I take party quest or normal quest. There is info only when you take it, on list ctrl+q you dont know if you have party or normal quest.
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    Game Update 07/11/2014

    Nice update White, you thinking maybe about locked item for the person who drop it for like 10sec? But this plan for that game must be rethinking, because someone can wait 10sec on the spot item until times flow.
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    Happy Birthday, White[Gm]!

    Happy Birthday once more :)
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