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  1. makath

    Codos Trade List

    hp 21 light horns W (135 str) for your mp 21 plate M?
  2. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    bump, added sp 21 horns M, light 16 hp 21 horns w, dir bow + 2, ma 33 wood shield
  3. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    ^ offer. need upgraded dm/ms neck or angel or low % items M.
  4. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    yes ^ what for? bump, added mr 21 chain M x 2, sharp rep 7 sterk, anc rep 5 gradius
  5. makath

    Guild Character System

    It would be great if there was a system in place to create guild characters - tanks, alchemists, miners, manu ect. My suggestion is to modify the login system so that when you log in you can select characters from your own account, as well as "guild characters." Log in privileges for these characters could be based on guild rank or permissions set by the guild master.
  6. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    updated, added mr 42 chain W
  7. Looking to trade this for a nice 135 str helm M. I prefer ma or mr wings/light horns M, but will consider other nice offers. Shit offers will be ignored. PM me on forums or whisper Baugo in game. ty.
  8. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    bump, added ma 9 horns M and cic 3 leather W
  9. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    added hp 14 chain w, anc flam
  10. makath

    Ruich's Trades

    added mp 7 chain M
  11. makath

    Ruich's Trades

  12. makath

    Halloween Npcs: Your Thoughts?

    I think it would be interesting for these mobs to randomly spawn in ml, dv, garden ect. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to introduce them into pits because people already ignore AP (think ogre/ww pits) until the pit is full of nothing but AP mobs and nobody wants to go in and clean it out. Something similar could happen with elite mobs with 2-3x hp. Although the increased drop rate may motivate people to kill these enough that it wouldn't be a big problem.
  13. makath

    Help: D2

    Yes. Also you don't have to run all the way through d1, you can pay 5k gold to the city hall officer to teleport there.
  14. makath

    Om1Sh's Trade List!11!

    MP 28 berk M for your MP 21 plate M?
  15. makath


    Interested in mp 28 berk M for ma 24 lagi?