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  1. Sancru

    Sell Mage Cancel, Hf, Inhib

    Sell mage with: -cancel -HF -Inhib -high dr set+ merien neck -mp set -hp set -zerk wand ms20 -angel +20 mag -angel +17 dex
  2. Sancru

    Server Balance

    I know you gave up with the server. But is it really hard to add stupid change city quest?...
  3. Sancru

    Server Balance

    Any GM checking this forum? ^^
  4. Sancru

    Server Balance

    This server would be good as long as there is balance.
  5. Sancru

    Server Down...

    B A L A N C E server pls
  6. Sancru

    Server Balance

    Since 1 week there are no ares playing. All events they are totally outnumbered. There is atm 30 elv in wh vs 4 ares in ares wh. Unlock free transfers pls.
  7. Sancru

    Trade Hf

    Trade HF. I am looking for cancel manual.
  8. Sancru

    Elv Map Is Down

    Cannot log in. Says char is in use.
  9. Sancru

    Salvaging/ Enchanting Caps

    It says canoot be salvaged. Is it added for sure?
  10. Sancru

    Salvaging/ Enchanting Caps

    If we got caps/hats drop now, can we add this?
  11. Sancru


    I po co wrzucasz ten syf biedo umysłowa
  12. Sancru

    Zem Drop Rate Is Way To Low

    Go killing scorps. I leveled my mage 111-124 at scorps and back with 5 zems in bag.
  13. Sancru

    Safe In Recall Points

    When you recall you got enought time of invu to make another recall before anyone can hit you. So what's the problem ?
  14. It depends on time zone. Wait for next sade in europen time, you will see much more elvs.
  15. Sancru

    Berk Hp35 M

    Trade berk hp 35 M for: -mr W -mp W