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  1. madskilz

    Let Get This Party Going

    Is it almost ready to go, can we get some info on forms about what's going on. Ty
  2. madskilz

    No Title

    HBO is a joke, shitty F-ing server. whats wrong with ppl, nem. is hand down best server, out there. what a shame.. i go ply gow, F oly...
  3. madskilz

    Transfer Characters To Banana?

    think it is time to let ppl tranfer now :)
  4. madskilz

    Mob Spawns

    plus all ml mobs are in the Dungeon?
  5. madskilz


    I have a strong leather (M) endu +63% mp 28%, trade for (M) mp28 Berk message me.
  6. madskilz

    Game Update 25/05/2014

    is the server going to be up any time soon. Merci!
  7. madskilz

    The Tamers!

    this was kool but by the time we got the wyv down to the tw, it came back alive. need way more time on these types of followers, for this hard *censored* tame should be rewarded 5 min at least.
  8. Summer time cant come soon enough :)