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    Ettin Camp?

    ye iv had the same problem for 2 days now,
  2. suckafat1

    Any Blitz/dwf

    any blitz or DWF ganna b playing? dean.
  3. suckafat1

    Helbreath Banana Info

    i think its being lazy to just up experience and drop rates, why not get rid of some maps that are un-used or used very little or to hide and hunt without being attacked, for example remove all back maps, ie garden and such maps, they arnt needed for experience when its so high and all items u can get from there u can get else where ie animal body parts, a key way to maintain good pvp and player traffic is to force it into certain areas, ie extra drop in ml etc. id also like to see mshield wants have 112 int requirement wars should not be able u use dk/tower/mshield n get such a bonus, also think tower shields should b taken out of bs and only as drops, remove big pots from the drop rate have them only at shop, same with spg and pg potions, these should only b made via alchemy, alchemy needs to be redone in general tho, maybe add 80% = x2 pots for the ingredients, just a few ideas, i think to just up the drop and xp just lazy and a waste of a good opportunity to get a good player base
  4. As title states, trading beta dye (black with gold trim) offer war W items, in need of hp and mr.
  5. suckafat1

    Looking For A Hp Bh

    looking to buy a hp bh, pm what u have and how much cheers,
  6. suckafat1

    Update = Now I Need Directx.a Which I Already Have!

    no it must of been reset from me changing it this has fixed the problem thanks for your help!
  7. so last week i was able to download and play for a short time while talking to old friends, i saw the goblin update and thought id check it out, i even spoke to some old hb players to see if they wanted to smoke it up n play some hb like old times tonight, in preperation for this i updated hb nemesis, and now its telling me i need DirectX.a to run the client, so its either this update or something deleted DirectX.a off my machine yet my machine tells me its there, i think the first is more likley, any help would be great thanks, i have also uninstalled hbneme and reinstalled, same problem