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  1. Saspin

    Happy Birthday Kenzo!

    HB Kenzo - still one of my favourites :)
  2. Saspin

    Forum Names Of Guildmasters?

    Kenzo you're a legend ;)
  3. Saspin

    Crusade Commander Window Bug

    He's right White, old buildings remain on the map. Had stages where I can see two elv bases even though we destroyed both. Ooops also I had that ares one on my board as well, no idea why :D
  4. Saspin

    Town Balance.

    Ares has a lot of work to do in terms of cooperation too. 2 wars with bow and 1 mage with amp and para towers can do a lot to win sade.
  5. Saspin

    Nemesis Ventrilo Server

    Not working sorry!
  6. Saspin

    State Of Helbreath Nemesis

    That's fair White thanks for your response!
  7. Yeah farjat is right. I had same issue till disabled dual screen
  8. Saspin

    State Of Helbreath Nemesis

    Adding this will make solo quests useless, you'd pick party quests and just go to a pit and hope "someone" is hunting there, party up and benefit from their effort. Now you have to think things through and make a GROUP to go hunt and complete a specific quest TOGETHER as a group. Town didn't tell him "kill 80 IG" cuz that would be solo quest, town told him "kill 80 IG with a party" which is totally different as the group aspect comes along, and a group must be united as one in order to complete the quest. (united as one as in fight for the same goal, aka having the same quest). If that is unclear for you, I'll gladly add a piece of text to each quest description saying this. "Fight united as on party with all having the same quest" I actually agree with this white. How about then that if person HAS the quest for same monster type it counts. E.g. If I have to kill 80 IG, and Friend has to kill 150 for a quest. Can we make his kills count towards mine and vice versa? THen still planned. Also if my friend is finished as he started earlier, and does his 150th IG, and I have some to go, can still make his kills count if he holds the quest. What do you think about that?
  9. Saspin

    State Of Helbreath Nemesis

    There's plenty of newbs here.
  10. Saspin

    State Of Helbreath Nemesis

    White sorry to repeat this - but please could you just modify party quests so that anyone in the party who gets a kill of that type counts towards on your quest. It's really non-intuitive at the moment. If my town has told me to kill 150 ice golem. Does it really matter if my friend has the quest. 150 dead ice golems is 150 dead ice golems. IF town has told him to kill 80 ice golems (because he is level 160 or something) does it really matter that I have to kill 150 (and that none of my kills count towards his?).
  11. Saspin

    Quest Design - Some Easy Fixes

    Please White, just make it so a monster kill counts even if a player doesn't have a quest. It's killing us to take newer players to TOH3 and stuff and they cant even contribute to others quests. Or we take them to CF and our kills dont count for their quests. Please make this adjustment mate, I know it won't take you long to do.
  12. Saspin

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    New server slower for me unfortunately (my fault where I live though haha). Farjat ty for responding. Any ETA on when this reboots over (still waiting to log in).
  13. Saspin

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    IS this the migration now? The shut down?
  14. Saspin

    "smart" Guy

    Ninja is a good guy though. Just enjoy that he raided and you got zem
  15. Saspin

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    What I'd like to see, is the ability for players to get an instant level 180, but it stops them gaining XP after that (or perhaps hero). So anyone can have a 180 if they want, but can't benefit from DK+15 etc. So for players who really can't be arsed leveling- they still are able to play a 180. Some penalties of skipping you could consider: No gain XP/MAJ after 180 No gain EK after 180 Personally i think just no XP would be fine for those that 'Skipped the fun' (of leveling) I've seen this work well in other RPG style games. Also 1 per IP.