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  1. whiteangel

    New Argen Forum

    password por PM
  2. whiteangel

    No Title

    lol banana... golden era have more chances to banana... maybe 1 on 1000 :P
  3. whiteangel

    No Title

    banana ppl. hbo die soon too =)
  4. whiteangel

    Looking For Demon Slayer, Stated Bh, Stated Baxe

    anc bh hp63 lf golden era item :D
  5. whiteangel

    Account Hacked

    post on facebook helbreath nemesis forum is Dead .. Send Ticket!
  6. whiteangel


    you trade for?
  7. whiteangel

    Trade Mp M Gear And Others For W ( No Leathers Ty)

    I have mp 42% hauberk w strong 14% Ma24Hoses W (ops :wub: ) im interested in Magin diamon elf bow Rodragon
  8. whiteangel

    Looking For Orange Dye..

    i got =)
  9. whiteangel

    Yoo Ppl How Are You Guys?

    I Play =). Come back noob
  10. whiteangel

    Tradec Horned Pa27M Endu42

    LF hp w pa W
  11. whiteangel

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    rare enable we got resu ! :D
  12. whiteangel


    plate dr is m or w? what for pd gis=?
  13. whiteangel

    Raid 24-7

    OMFG enable raid all days no one figth
  14. whiteangel


    need mage items w?was thinking on play on war..
  15. whiteangel


    no =/
  16. whiteangel


    mp21plate w ancient bh ma9 horned w hp42leather w mr42plate M DR42plate w dr42chain w
  17. whiteangel


    looking for mr mp hp w. 130- str pa shield 21++ stated cape
  18. whiteangel


    updated added some items
  19. whiteangel

    Mr 42 Wings W

  20. whiteangel


    busco mr hp mp w. pa hose berk w dragon.... plate mp21 o hp42leather w por la mp35w lo demas no me sirve t pain
  21. whiteangel

    Game Update 22/08/2014

  22. whiteangel

    Looking For Pa/hp/ma (W)

    Looking for nice shield pa 21+ hose berk w Looking armor hp w war mage and ma armor w Looking for Stated cape DR-MA
  23. whiteangel

    Looking For Pa/hp/ma (W)

    got ancient bh
  24. whiteangel

    Hero Set Needs To Be Got With Contribution

    GBH+10 for contri plz
  25. whiteangel

    Looking For Pa/hp/ma (W)

    ya what for?