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    Annoying Bug

    I havent had this bug but the scrolling in the magic list really needs to be fixed, its so fundamental to this game's gameplay. it would be like if when you click to shoot a spell it didnt work. this is a really big problem for a lot of people i know. PLZ fix its making your game unplayible. cant react to people in fights because you cant scroll to click a spell, i already know many people that are going to not play till this is fixed. really it should have been done before release imo but hey i know your busy.. we tried testing the different skins and some other shit to see if that was what was causing it but it seems to be deeper in the code that just that. Thanks
  2. ognib

    Is There An Eta Yet?

    I have been looking but haven't seen any kinda estimate about when this will be coming.. im not trying to cause problems or say anything negative, im just curious. i looked befor i posted, any word would be much appriceated!!!! cant wait!
  3. ognib

    Reset Is Not An Option?

    I agree... and who's gonna pay up for the losses the people have suffered from, the ones who have all the good things now... most the people that would play im guessing do have good stuff.......guess what still dont play, but i see the point in the server is messed up, that would be annoying to log in and mass dc.... and to that magical bullstuff about people magically appering,,, welcome to helbreath, where fresh servers are the most fun to play ... thats the magic ..................................................................................can you guarantee that the earth isnt going to spin faster,,,, can you guarantee anything really? nope welcome to the real world XD
  4. ognib

    Reset Is Not An Option?

    agree how bout server reset and then we will help fix it give us some hope...these updates are cool but they arent brand new....and its not why other servers are populated. its because they are new fresh.......fresh servers = most fun to play... if your gathering ideas .... do a all vs all pvp event and a random teams event or something....things to do other than hunting...really im guessing most of us are very old players, and mostly like pvp action apposed to grind korea mode in d4 players.. BTW this question even being asked is the only reason im posted... i think if more people even knew that this might be a possibiliaty that it would also have more people posting here! just some thoughts
  5. ognib

    Reset Is Not An Option?

    reset i wanna play XD fresh servers are the best!!!
  6. ognib

    Time To Pay Up, Blindside!

    mine too brother i miss u guys all so much HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOVE ALWAYS Zion (Andy) :D ";::;"RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    for one because im not Ip Banned thanks and diddo yremik ;]
  8. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    anyone remember RICK ROLLING HAHAHAHAH sorry off topic but its funny as heck ;D
  9. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    JEA BOI!! i miss this server and its dedication i was younger and full of spunk and i thought i knew everything about the world and how it should be, i thought something was unfair blew up said shit i didnt mean, (life problems aided this anger profusly.) (<<<i know thats not their problem) but yes i would love to play and help players learn to play. and to the gms i am sorry for what i did i didnt understand the gravity of what i was doing and the punishment that would come after. i am alot better about my anger and blowing up i have the same problems in life and i have been working on them. thanks to all who post and try and help me out i really appricate it. im glad u guys even remember me :D and would like me back i hope maybe the gms will contact me or type here and hope they see i have grown up alot and hopefully will give me another chance i would love it and wouldnt ruin it and make them regret giving me my zion back :D i miss him so much L:D and you all love always Andy (and sorry if there are two ppl on this fourm acc. my cuz jesse uses this one for his tickets cause i am always logged in here on his pc :D)
  10. ognib

    Does Winning Held Affect Droprate In Ml?

    im purty sure that the held give u the tp and the drop % in the ml toh3 ib and (dc-abby not sure about these) and not sure about the rest i cant remember what winning the sade does its been awhile since i have played there :D but im almost certain about this :D sorry im sure the gms will answer this will bump it if nothing else :D love Zion :D
  11. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    and i love ur dancing pictures Moha :D pro+1
  12. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    lol DA- dont be mad....
  13. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    i love u guys :D and yea i have been banned super long... i love u guys :D
  14. ognib

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    :} lol me too but i am elv on Zion :D :I