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    Sell Something!

    Have the following to sell Rodr Dm4 Dm5 Mag 13 angel Rode Md 72 (hp+14) Lucid angel + 10 PA 30 shield Ms 80 (pa+8) mp84 wing w Hp w 91 Berk w 77 hose w 35 wing w 42 plate w 42 leather w 70 lagi Mr w 35 wing 63 plate 21 cape gold 63 berk 70 hose 84 chain 56 hose 63 chain Ma w 15 horns 15 plate 15 Berk 9 hose 30 shield Ma 8 gem Hp M 56 hose M 42 hose M 70 Berk M 42 leather M Dr M 56 hose M 42 chain M 42 Berk M 28 cape gold Mp M 63 Berk M 42 hose M Sbh rep 1+3 Pbh Hp 49 +3 Ice prot neck De bow + 3 Cbx Hp 56 +3 Abh ns Ms 20 hp 77 Ms 20 hp 56 Ms 10 hp 84
  2. fyw721

    Sell Something!

  3. nice plate dude keep!
  4. fyw721

    Video Ek

    lolz naize one mate! xDDDD
  5. fyw721

    Server Down?

    as stated. Can fix?
  6. fyw721

    Game Update 22/08/2014

    Lol just because you login doesn't mean you are active...there are many afk individuals with multi clients not representative of real activity. Real monitor of how many players fight are better monitored live
  7. fyw721


    I am selling! But sets are w!!!!!
  8. fyw721


    Hi there I am looking to trade the following: Mr 63 chain w Rode Dr 63 targe end 42 Sbh rep 1+3 Looking mr 56+ helm w, mr M or just offer!
  9. fyw721

    Game Update 22/08/2014

    That's how server is wanting to be run I guess. You need to run around every single possible pit in every single possible map to potentially maybe find an ek. Hey while you're at it disable /Tgt too please that's a cancerous command too
  10. fyw721

    Esw Mage

    Selling the following items. can pm me for inquiries and pricing. I'm very reasonable and negotiating is by all means welcome! also have mp set w/dr set w/mr set w/hp set w for sale in auction house pm me with inquiries I'm sure we can work out a deal! dr set M 42 chain M 42 Berk M 56 hose M 63 shield 28 cape M Mp w 14 light helm hp w 35 horns 42 plate 91 Berk 56 hose w 70 shield mr w 63 berk w 63 chain w 56 hose w 35 wing w Mr w 84 chain 63 Berk 70 hose 49 wing Ma w 15 horns 15 plate 15 Berk 9 hose 30 shield 8 gem Mp M 35 Berk M 21 Berk M 14 leather M 70 shield Hp M 70 Berk M 42 hose M 56 hose M 70 shield dm 4 Dm3 Mag 13 Rode x2 sbh rep 1+3 Magic diamond hp+14 ms 16 pa 30 shield pa 8 gem sharp gradius rep 7+3 ANC bh ns Cbx hp56+3 Rbx hp21 Sbss rep6 De bow +3 anc gradius rep 4 ms 10 hp 70 now I will post these items onto Auction house when i get pms on working out deals. so pm my inbox I'll reply to everyone! Keep in mind sets come as sets I'm not going to get rid of my sets in pieces unless you offer nice. Plenty of zems/meriens/xelimas thanks!
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    Esw Mage

    Let's talk trade! XD
  12. fyw721

    Esw Mage

    Some items gogogogogo
  13. fyw721

    Mob Spawns

    The spawns in garden ml d2 seem to not be in the correct place. In cf the spawns are all off to the side instead of the middle, And so is garden.....why's that?
  14. Rodri I think he's trying to point out that with the server population ATM, there's no way for anyone to get FH...will take years
  15. fyw721

    What Happend With Server?

    lol might as well take away stormbringer period then. stun rate and hp should be reduced.
  16. fyw721

    Annoying Thing

    It's purposely made like that so you can't log diff chars too quickly and spy
  17. fyw721

    Game Update 18/05/2014

    White can you fix the wh disappear and not being able to run on that hex once someone logs out?
  18. fyw721

    -Theenemy- Shop Trade

    what are you looking for mp 84 wing w?
  19. fyw721

    Quest Reward Gold Is Bug

    its every party quest, every single one of them when you select gold it doesn't do anything
  20. fyw721

    New Comand

    Well if there are two weapons that are meant to be +4 damage during night and daytime respectively, then yes daytime and night time should be evenly balanced.
  21. fyw721

    Ban Fenny

    +1 I see Fenny pull 3 times in the last 4 minutes gm please detect this sudden disconnect and ban....he's using that to his advantage by pulling
  22. fyw721

    Players Coming And Going

    You're using the phrase "same effect" far too loosely. Increasing gold drops would effect everything: - spells and everything i previously mentioned - repairs - cost of tps - pots - lucky tickets - etc Lowering the prices of expensive items/spells that you only buy once effects: - expensive items/spells that you only buy once. Most of us haven't bought spells, bbhs, directional bows, or knight plate mail in months and we're still broke as shit. If you make them cheaper it's not going to change the fact that we're broke as shit. I'm fine with being broke as shit, but the whole point of this thread to so that new players can get onto the battlefield and contribute to the server. I totally agree with this because if a new player can't even have the money to buy a spell and it will take him hours just to get simple spells to even hunt...no1 will bother....and us as remaining players struggle really hard with gold anyways and we are ok with it as long as new players come in to play =]
  23. fyw721

    Enable Bug

    I cannot enable items when I click them in bag....please fix
  24. fyw721

    Instant Level 180 Added.

    yeap dk 15 is certainly useless for warriors vs mage....precisely why I don't even bother upgrading that and I work on angel...and use bbh instead
  25. fyw721

    Svcks Trade List

    interested in hp 70 berk w, got mr 56 hose w