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    Get Rid Of Santa.

    I TOTALY AGREE WITH YOU !!! It's so pathetic to see those warriors running around with santa. Like you said, it's meant to be for a mage to "help" a warrior at ice bound map. If santas there, why does we have a mage then . -_-
  2. Mirai

    Pay Day Friday Event!!

    Sounds like a great event hunter !
  3. Mirai

    Bug Trackers

    Hmm i have seen that i can't summon in Ice Bound map, might be a bug. IG, is dropping Ice sword, Ice elementel Neck ( I have heard STD got ). Please look at those
  4. Mirai

    Hello, Once Again

    Night? Don't join Aresden :( Mi miss you at Elv :P Well get hurry ingame, theres some players with blizzard all ready -_-
  5. Mirai

    Anyone Else Feel Like I Do?

    Flame room pwns !
  6. Mirai

    Plz Change City..

  7. Mirai

    Plz Change City..

    OMFG This topic is SO PATHETIC !!!! Omg go home. Man make a new char if you want to be an Aresnde, stupid traitors ! Man i'm so fu***** tirred of seeing this pathetic players. "PLZ LET MI CHANGE TOWN GM PLZ !". "MI HAVE CREATED GUILD, JUST WHISPER MI" GET REAL ! Make a new char or stop whining !
  8. Mirai

    May I...

    CINDLY !! ARESDEN :o :'/ Bad Cidnly.. Well, like a lot of ppl says in here, make a new char dudes, insteed of whining over server balance. STD guildsmen, has some serious problems with their temp. They are going crazy over nothing. I've spoke with some of them yesterday. And i got the reason why they attack Damnation. It's because Nuts, and Marz has been attacking some STD guildsmen A LONG TIME AGO. Man let it go !! It's just a game dudes. Anyways. MAKE NEW CHAR IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ARESDEN !
  9. Mirai

    Lets Start From Scratch, Post Ur Lvl!

  10. Mirai

    Town Transfer

    Lucan i want to quote that Your not the best even. You talk like trash to every Damnation player, and sometimes others to. Look man, your not a pr0 miner. And i really don't care, if you got a high mining %. Your just so pathetic ! I'm sorry for a lil off topic
  11. Mirai

    Town Transfer

    Well Dan, that was kinda what i meant. -_-
  12. Mirai

    Server Fruta O Server Serio?

    As Hunter said, Why the f*** should IG pit been deleted? IG pit isent the best place to train anyways, IG pit just have a great drop rate. And again as Skyas said, Wipe and block those santas, that would solved the problem. Or else make so ANYONE can buy santas, and not just a certain of members :/
  13. Mirai

    Guild Section On Forum

    Okay colo then go after hes details :)
  14. Mirai

    Town Transfer

    Well think about what Damnation could do with their own "country" :P. Well as others says, STD and Damnation has serious problems against each other in elvine. I think we should agree a peace with them. It can't be true 2 friendships guilds has to be come enemys .
  15. Mirai

    Ok Irc Channel On Website

    It's great to see all is comming up again. You have done a wonderfull job SexyBitch. We are thankfull !
  16. Mirai

    Remember The Battle Events?

    It could be great to have, at this lvl all are now. about: 60-120. It could be a nice war against the two towns.
  17. Mirai

    Town Transfer

    I agree with you Elguason We can't decide players choice of any town. If Elvine got most people that they have most people. But i think we all learned our lesson by town switching in nemesis 1
  18. Mirai

    Town Transfer

    Lucan. As far as i know, we want to gather this server to a respectet server, and make sades, heldrians a fair game for all. If theres gonna be any form for town switching Gamemasters will annonce it.
  19. Mirai

    Guild Section On Forum

    Damnation Lewbowski & Nuts ( Marzipan/Marz ) also if possible.
  20. Mirai

    Sorry About The Wait Of Forum

    No problem sexy You did a great job just to make it up. Don't worry about it.
  21. Mirai

    Lets Start From Scratch, Post Ur Lvl!

    Mi so low lvl. Mi only lvl 90+ :/