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  1. Mirai

    Server Manteinance.

    c0m0nz all lez play pok?mon !!!
  2. Mirai

    It Is Time !

    Bye bye
  3. Mirai

    Easter Egg Hunt Event

  4. Mirai

    About My Merien Neck

    ShaGGnuT arent playing much because he play xbox360. Baggyboy left because of shaggnut (as far as i have heard from him) Nuts just left.
  5. Mirai


    Your crazy Do you know how hard a slime is?? Think about it.... HERO !
  6. Mirai

    Afk Training

    Startet in English.. And now spanish.. Omg
  7. Mirai

    Je L'ai D?j? Vu

    Farewell old friend .. You will be missed ! The nemesis story will end for you, by the true.. The great "find out of truths" magican. I am honored to have known you, and play with the things you have discovered. You are truely a hero in the Nemesis story..! Farewell, until we see you again. !
  8. Mirai

    Connection Lost

    Download the new Helgame on forum site, or the HBnemesis main page Go to this site and see it http://helbreathnemesis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17778
  9. Mirai


    Your a moron !
  10. Mirai

    Bug Track

    I dont know if it's a bug, but you dont save mana as a dk +4 wand.. Is that normal or?
  11. Mirai

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    Well basicly i like him, but all this that has happen just made the respect to 0..... I use to hunt with him, and never expected that he would/could do any form for that stuff.. He told me yesterday he got acces to farjats stuff, and he probely had hes chances to do something .. He has a potentiel thats for sure, but is it big enough, and forgiven enough to be in nemesis? Thats the question ?+
  12. Mirai

    Zem Drops?

    Every single monster drop zem stones, not only a wyv.. I got my 3 zem stone yesterday, so the drop rate is okay .. Remember it is based on YOUR luck on your char to find them..... :)
  13. Mirai

    Angel's Very Important

    GM's has annonced ingame a lot by the angels. If you waesent on, you just have been unlocky :/
  14. Mirai

    Angel's Very Important

    Well if i were you, i wouldnt have tryed 6 times -_-. I might have tryed 2 times, and then ii would ask around -_-
  15. Mirai

    Angel's Very Important

    Hi You can upgrade you angel. Even though there stand it only req. 2 mj points, it's a bug. It's req. around 10+ mj points, before you can upgrade it .. Farjat told in game today to ..