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    A View Of The Community On Nemesis 3

    Heard rumors about Nemesis reset and had to log in to forums after a couple of years. There are always those who will be against the wipe, saying the server will forever die due to it. So far on every popular server Ive played on, they've ALWAYS been WRONG. HB Nemesis has always been the server that hasnt gone overboard with the new implements to the game and its been the original Helbreath with some edge in it. I now feel that it has lost its track tho. I like every change that makes the gameplay smoother, such as fresh guild systems, seeing your party/guild members on minimap, adjustements to the xp and drop rates, antipulling systems... the list could go on forever. I also like new maps and npc's cause they bring us veterans something new to discover. Tho whenever there is an attempt to change the game itself, something goes horribly wrong. Ill state a few opinions of my own. New items: + Im all in for something fresh such as Elite hero items (high amount of ek's required, just to keep the game interesting for pvp freaks such as myself), new ways to modify your hero such as dyes or whatsoever. Also carefully designed and balanced new items that do affect the gameplay SLIGHTLY could be ok (something like a staminadrain activation weapon) could be ok. - Items that change the game itself and makes it more grindy, such as the corrupted items and limited items mentioned makes me furious tho. Helbreath has always been a game with high reward and high risk. The idea of losing my items without making a mistake to deserve losing it doesnt fit in my head and should not be implemented in Helbreath. The high risk or hard work for high reward is one of the core reasons for me to ever have fallen in love with this game. Limiting pvp: NO just NO, not anywhere except the towns. This is the only REAL open world pvp game ever, dont take that away. There are level limits that can be made for maps to prevent players from abusing the open world pvp. If you dont like open world pvp dont play Helbreath there are other games for you. Donation system: I used to feel strongly negative about this, but I thinks its essential for a healthy server, but it needs to be BALANCED in every meaning of that word, I think Nemesis has so far been spot on with this. White says: "Everyone wants the "old" things untill the point they "got it all" again and start asking for "new" things cuz they bored with the "old" stuff they got... or they think it's unbalanced, or doesn't bring what they want. Therefore, I think making the new things keeps the "old" players busy for a while with their "old" casual stuff, untill the point they get bored and they figure out there is also "new" stuff in the game which makes their life a whole lot easier and more fun in helbreath." A spot on article my friend. But making heavy changes to the game is not necessary actually Im pretty sure it most likely just hurts the game. New maps, npc's, quests and new goals such as Elite herosets or titles / ranks that can be aqquired by accomplishing something keeps us busy for years if designed well. Dont change the game, just add new content to it.
  2. ~Silent~

    Aresden And Elvine Top 10 Wars & Mage

    Oh god what a suprise.. I saw JoshCOOL talking bout HIMSELF once again =D. U got huge ego, but thats the way u are.. I have only played with you, never against.. Would be nice to once pvp u, since if you are so good I guess I could learn something =) I think best way to get good at helbreath is playing with and against better players than you are and thats what I try to do. I also want to point one mistake people seems to think about me (Ruutu).. I am not an item whore, I got hp and crit inc set and both of those sets sux, ye true I got anc bh and dragon ring but those doesnt protect me from others dmg. Ecpesially mages are hard to fight against without any protection cause the current blizz dmg is high. - Ruutu
  3. ~Silent~

    Too Many Rod

    RoD's and also RoGM's are dropping quite alot compared to the old times, but ask yourself is it really such a bad thing? The fact that RoD's and RoGM's has the same drop rates from dragons, means that it does not really affect the balance between mages and wars. Which it should affect in my opinion, since mages are a lil bit too powerfull compared to wars.. but I dont want to whine, I've learnt to play with it.
  4. ~Silent~

    Aresden And Elvine Top 10 Wars & Mage

    Its nearly impossible to name best players in a game like Helbreath. GM's could ofcourse name players with best Kill/Death -rates, but that would not tell us whos best at making and leading hunts, it wouldnt tell whos the best support, it wouldnt tell whos the best teamplayer.. So after all it would tell only about a small part of Helbreath, tho it would be only "fair" and fact based way to tell who are the best players in Nemesis. In my opinion best players are: (counting out those who arent active these days) - Lycanth (KochaKoi) - Thork (INFIDEL) (KochaKoi) - Dimora (real KochaKoi) - Sylvia (plays Zoro these days) - Ruutu (I'm superman) Hard to name people outside from my guild cos I havent played enough with them to give my opinion bout em, but I think Scofield, Perun and Rast are decent wars.. Cowbell seems not to play anymore but he is good. From elvine I could name few players: - NoC (REAL USER) - theres some kid named Luz playin it and he sucks - MaynarD - Angerfist (seems to be decent warrior) Its hard to name elvines since I have no experience bout playing with them, but only against them. Few people that think they are good, but sucks in elvine: - NoC (This kid user, I think its Luzbelito) - EnjoyLife (must be quite young user, talks alot about him pwning every1 ECPESIALLY wars.. No kidding mages stand huge advantage in war v mage - Luzbelito (no need for explanation) - Punga (:D:D:D) - Some korean vit wars who keeps pulling.
  5. ~Silent~

    Beri Japi Meri Berdej

    Ojojo happi berday!
  6. ~Silent~

    Ball Event

    Will balls be dropped in maps that has lvl limits?
  7. ~Silent~

    Ml Quests

    This wasnt suggestion it was a question.
  8. ~Silent~

    Beware Rep Scammer

    ok prove, go pvp with , i use mage.. u want? one word for u enjoy: RETARD
  9. ~Silent~

    I'm Back

    Great to have you back Hunter!
  10. ~Silent~


    If m.shield wand and shield is not allowed to be used, then yes, however mage still stands huge advantage.
  11. ~Silent~


    I actually tried to do a baxe warrior here, luckily I noticed early enough that it was a horrible mistake and changed my stats. Armor brake works quite fine in my opinion, the strip rate of it is quite good, not as high as bbh, maybe not even as high as bh, but I think it doesnt need to have as high strip rate anyways. I dont think hammer dmg should be lowered, since the strip rate of hammers isnt playing big role in a server where every1 can get dk set in few days.
  12. ~Silent~


    All the damages are balanced, quit whining and learn to play better.
  13. ~Silent~

    Koro Backz!

    Welcome back koro!
  14. ~Silent~

    Baby Levi Arrived At 2 Am 8-)

    Gongratulations Torana :)
  15. ~Silent~

    Habby Birthday Dimora!

    O.o... Bro you are getting old! Happy birthday Onacra! Dont get arrested and remember to come play and tell us about your terrible hangover tomorrow.