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  1. Ludacris

    Spawn Alert

    Yeah thats a great idea.Been playing some servers with that myself and I loved it
  2. Ludacris

    To Gm's Of Nemesis

    Don't know if this is right section to post..But im borred so decided to thank all of u gms for a great server, havent got a change to say it so wanna show my thanks for you:)..Cant find a better free server than this, and im sure every player of nemesis thinks the same :) Sorry if my english is bad
  3. Ludacris

    Welcome Back Veteran Players

    Lmao Cake is a funny guy:P Btw hello veterans:)
  4. Ludacris

    Co-gms For Guilds.

    Yeah would be great!
  5. Ludacris

    Just Saying Hi

    Wlcome:)..What was ur name on United?..I went by the name Lunes, if u remember:)
  6. Ludacris

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    Me Lunes aka Ludacris Me with the army cap..the younger days:P
  7. Ludacris

    Goodbye Guys!

    Cant wait ti'll u be back :(
  8. Ludacris

    Legal Or Not??

    Well if its legal congratulation :lol: Just wanted to be on the safe side=)
  9. Ludacris

    Legal Or Not??

    Umh im not really sure if this is right place to post it..... Well I was fighting ~Blue~ a 100+ war( dont remember name) and Kyoko......Killed Kyoko tough, but it dont matter. When i see he has cancel, im not sure if this is legal or not, just wanted to post so u can check for urself.
  10. Ludacris

    Some Bugs

    1 of 2 spell miss when cast repetdly. Maybe you should give some more seconds to cast I would be rly glad if this had been fix, it rly tip me off
  11. Ludacris

    Bbh This Destroying To The Server

    Think they know how to lower stripp%, and it need to be done