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    Helbreath & Addiction?

    The interesting thing here is how Pocus is quick to point out 'IRL i have friends. I have a REAL LIFE. Do you lack a real life?' IRL = What? (i know what IRL stand for) Real life is a combination of both the imaginary world; the inner world of fantasy which doctors, psychologist or any other machine can never figure out. (they try and label it with fancy terms in books and teach you fancy ways of describing such 'imaginary' states of being. i.e psychosis, bi polar disorder, MPD, etc. And a combination of the physical realm, the spiritual realm..etc. etc. The fact is, without this imaginary world, you dont have another world. They go hand in hand. IRL, is a very stupid way of saying- The world is what they tell me it is. Then you go on your merry little way and when you run into some kid , who maybe doesn't have for ABC reason so many physical realm friends or doesnt hold the physical realm in the pedastal you do - you tell them how wrong they are and make them look less human less normal than you and company. (like you and all the followers of what there told). By doing that you are proving that the way you where brainwashed was soooo damn good, that anyone who doesnt live up to the 'false' 'devilish' 'homosexual' standards of society - lacks a real life?? Not everyone see's the same things, or feels, or thinks. Not because you are flooded by what constitutes 'real life' as defined by Newscorp and those media companies should you assume that - IRL = The life you are taught. Hanging out with your friends, or watever you do in the physical realm, be it exercise, watch tv, sleep .. work, mating, gambling- doesnt = and can never be described as In Real Life. That aint real life. Thats a zombie life. So infact IRL as used by most here (on earth or on forum) = a fantasy world - which the majority of ppl in this world accept as the ONLY REALNESS in this life.. Rituals are hard to break. If everyday you get up in the morning on the same side of bed or watever. That is a ritual. If you always find yourself doing 'rituals' . You should be worried. Rituals are dangerous and powerful. They are not bad, just dangerous. Addictive personalities are just the normal thing, part of being an animal. I dont think addiction is such a huge problem as it's played out to be. If addiction is such a worry for universities and society- why dont they worry about the addiction for power and control which is running rampant and has for centuries now in our society. That is what's compromising our society our future and our kids. Power hungry and control hungry mongrels. Who point the figure at drugs or video games.... to control. IRL IMO = everything and anything within the realm of the mind.. If you can think it or imagine it- Its real. If your heart is beating and you are breathing - then its IRL. Whether its in a fantasy HB world or in some fake concrete world which your vision has been trained to see. Because in REALITY that concrete world with 'friends' is just as fake as this HB world with 'friends'. Or just as real... ====Disclaimer=== This is my opinion, I won't post anymore- so no need to bother trying to defend the system of ignorance and degeneration we live in. I will not respond.
  2. Zariel

    Ek Lamming Doubt

    if he dc because of bump or lag its a bit rude to mass blizz them or para n kill with crits.. but its legal.. If the person logs out...because u r chasing them..or they in trouble..then wait for them and kill them.
  3. Zariel

    Post Ur Pics Where U Playing

    This courtains are awful:P Yes, those curtains are terrible . Maybe put a light brown tone to match with your floor..or some japanese style wooden blinds.. they r nice..
  4. Zariel

    Post Ur Pics Where U Playing

    juajajauajaj que huevon eres . Nice mouse Shang, and u have big screen monitor.. very cool.
  5. Zariel

    Changes In Game - Future.

    lo ke dice juli del dc del drucian city para adelante esta bueno... Grande movida con la del sade...ahora va estar re bueno . Lo del dc en IB ayuda mucho pero un bump y te fuistes a la casa.
  6. Zariel

    Demon And Ogre Rings

    that doesnt mean that dragon ring drops are way too high giving dk wands and dragon rings really easy to get to wars is a mistake IMO totally agree with this.. dk wand is special.. not anymore. If it was a bug. it was better with the bug. IMO. IP necks are wayy more common than an orge ring. How is this? Dragon ring almost on par with dm3 necks. ..everyone has one.. some ppl havent had the luck of getting 1. I personally have had about 30 rounds of drgaon hunt since last friday and I havent gotten a rogm or rod... yet ive seen them drop. by the way FunnyGirl tried to rip me off and demanded DF25 neck for an orge ring .. LOL . I was offering him df20neck/3mstone/df10neck for orge ring. He doesnt have df20 and he probably has a rod.. I then proceeded to offer beyond my reason a df20neck/dm2/3mstone/df10.. and he said no!! What an idiot.... Orge ring isnt worth shit now!! But its more rare than an IP neck? and that is unreasonable.
  7. Zariel

    Demon And Ogre Rings

    VagMite I want one of these rings.. pls whisper to arrange it..ty
  8. Zariel

    Demon And Ogre Rings

    if orge ring and demon ring r so useless.. whisper me in game and gift me one or give me a demon ring on the cheap pls.. ty I would greatly appreciate it. (anyone...)
  9. Zariel

    Very Very Tragic, Sad News

    un abrazo farjat. Eres muy muy valiente, fuerza! una lastima esto.
  10. Zariel

    Client Spanish

    For young kids like 1-13 yrs old.. it dont matter what language it is ..they will figure it out and play.. IN the case of leylina ..her mother isnt young and probably hasnt got high DEX in computer games and video games in general... so what really would help her is a beginners guide in spanish... having 'Health' 'Salud' doesnt help for peanuts.. Doesnt matter what language it is.. could be french , latin, spanish, italian, portuguese .... ---- As for learning english, thats not to be imposed, I mean no one forces you in X country to learn spanish or italian or portuguese languages which have more depth than english can ever dream to have.. Why would some1 who knows how to speak Spanish perfectly , understands italian and portuguese at high levels- probably even speaks italian and portuguese, why would this person need to learn english ? He wouldn't unless he wants to watch Movies in english or go live in some english speaking country, business whatever. But for HB ? He dont need to know english. Infact alot of ppl in Arg can speak spanish, italian understand portugese ..etc etc.. Brasilians can or try to speak spanish, the understand it they improve they probably could also understand some italian etc etc.. I try and speak and learn some portuguese slowly... etc etc. Maybe its you guys who need to learn spanish, and show some brains.. cos spanish/castellano is hard to learn and english is a peace of cake. maximum respect
  11. Zariel

    Client Spanish

    Proteccion de flechas , Gran Recuperacion de estamina, Chupada de staminar, Ola sangrienta de shock.. pienso ke si sebastian9 pudo jugar sin ayuda y sin saber un pelo de ingles.. todos que son jovenes, pueden. Pero adultos como tu mama, eso es mas dificil.. combiene ke lea una guia de nw en castellano ....eso ayuda mas que tener commandos o algunas palabras como 'Salud' 'Health' ..una sola palabra o lo que deci el hombre del city hall no es pa tanto. Pero ponte ke todo sea en castellano.. y no leen una guia de beginner estan fritos..
  12. Zariel

    Pvp Event On Sunday Nov 2 After Heldenian

    mythfate win the event in her hidden character Doku.. wow
  13. Zariel

    Moar Gm

    I think MagicJoker is a great kid and friend and all but his GM is going to waste... he dont even play anymore..rarely logs in.
  14. Zariel

    Unban Plx

    Unban Co2 - He shuld be given his char back as it where penalties. I think he has a served a fair punishment... Unban Assassin - Now I don't like this kid, nor do I like his try hard tattoo on his neck. But he has been banned for quite a while, perhaps he shuld have all EK & Hero Set erased, the XB erased and just be given a stock 180 char.. Considering he did pull everyday at least one time ..He can become very tiresome... very quick. I think talking smack can be solved easy by mute..but pulling and playing like a dog (i.e Assassin) is harder to fix. EnjoyLife - Who cares.. he not serve long punishment yet, like these other two cases.
  15. Zariel

    Tues Morning Summon Event

    cool.. no worries