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  1. XeXy


    No. Abit of offtopic, but mages are already quite overpowered compared to wars, so ''giving'' wars abit more dmg isn't bad imo.
  2. XeXy

    5 Years Of Nemesis This Mouth

    On nemesis1 I remember an abaddonevent by farjat where both towns cooperated quite well and downed it easily and you don't even need that many ppl if it's blocked.. just mages who can keep a good rhytm with ES and it's a piece of cake. Only problem is that people just won't listen with the drops.. everyone just jumps on the corpse (maybe kick everyone who does so) oh and survivors got their XB from that event.
  3. XeXy

    So I Was Thinking...

    Yeah tha's cool but I would like to have "live" footage not just still photots. Of course! That was just an example. Would be cool to have some mass pvp, events and big hunts to get ppl interested :)
  4. XeXy

    Design A Weapon Contest

    Hmm.. that reminds me of a weapon called ''Crystal Axe'' or something on Celestial. :wacko:
  5. XeXy

    So I Was Thinking...

    A good idea, tho one was already made to get people back to Nemesis.
  6. XeXy

    Pack Editing Checks

    Yea. Got something to hide? :ph34r:
  7. XeXy

    Some Info

    yeah i used to have dk15 on a 200 str war...i liked using it more then the bbh cuz the hitting probability kicked *censored* on enemies and the regular swing damage was better (crits were the only bad thing)... everyone who wants dk sets at 30k endurance is just so used to playing on a high exp nem1 server that they have no perspective... they just want an armor that will last them forever without having to worry about it breaking someone said...DK set is supposed to be the BEST...yes it is but on a low exp server people have to WORK for it...here it is just a given personally i got really annoyed in nem1 because a warrior with 30k endurance dk set could be hit by BBH wars for an hour and not strip...plus they can slap on a tower shield and an m shield in my opinion lower endurance on DK means people have to play smarter...not just assume they have an invincible armor That applies for everything: High exp also benefits everyone getting eks, since everyone is 180 and they can easily kill lvl 120 players on a whimp, so...remove hero sets? Oh killling hc with just a few warriors, isn't that possible because of high exp? Or making long hunts of wyvern with only a few mages, cause they got the ms28 and way more mana....? isn't that cause of the high exp? Wait here's another...everyone getting mass rare armors....cause they can spend hours and hours on ogre, ig, ww pits...because they got dk armor and max lvl.... Oh and here is my favorite: making a bbh war in 2-7 days, also possible because of high exp. If we were still on low exp, most people would still be using flam... Oh Oh, everyone has Angels......wait because of high exp? wich makes it easier? Hey plz remove angels, or make them harder if we are choosing to follow that theory. The high exp benefits everything and everyone on the server. In fact many of the things we do daily are because of high exp. So it applies to everything, not only dk armors. Lets put it this way: Getting a bbh warrior on low exp to max lvl: 6 months Getting a bbh warrior on high exp to max lvl: 2-7 days Getting a dk warrior on low exp to max lvl and dk15: 1 year Getting a dk warrior on high exp to max lvl and dk15: 2-3 months It still takes a lot more time to get the dk15, so why do players who choose that path get screwed? Because bbh warriors can't kill and need advantage? Exp applies to everything, not just dk15. So leave pvp related stuff in default. Not just what benefits the bbh warriors. Make DK sword strip = problem solved kthx. -.-
  8. XeXy


    Fire~Star, why did you curse at GMs?
  9. XeXy

    Types Of Events Poll

    Imo would be cool to have like 1 mass pvp event (LMS, team capes or w/e)/month and let the winner(s) pick an armordye colour of their choice. It doesn't give any advantage but it sure is a mark of ''honor'' and brings some nice colour and look to the game. ;)
  10. XeXy

    Happy Bd Raquzz

  11. XeXy

    ~phoenix~ Pulled

    Oh come on.. why do you have to be a smart *censored*? Well lagging can happen to anyone but pulling only happens intentionally. That is the difference and the reason why pulling is punished. Can't you just simply admit that pulling is WRONG and should be PUNISHED because it's wrong and stop looking for pig holes to look smart when we both know it's not leading anywhere. PS. if TP abusing was designed to the game does it mean that the owners can't modify the server better for players and the game experience itself? Do you like when your EK slips right trough ur fingers?
  12. XeXy

    ~phoenix~ Pulled

    ?? I know he is not getting his acc banned, I wrote that to answer ruutu about people doing that kind of stuff, they just don't "learn their lesson", as he said. Laming was an example, no matter how hard u punish it, they still do it. And I'm not saying u were angry, or biased, but u probably met lots of pullers alrdy, yet this is the one that got reported, and actually punished for something we've all seen, and never got punished, nor no one ever actually complained to admins about it. So the situation is a bit weird. Dude, we've banned lots of lamers, and lamers still appear.....do u really think they "get the lesson" ?. Now pulling is not as bad as laming, its actually something we can all tolerate, yet everyone would rather start banning people they don't like, cause they get madthey missed an ek. I don't like pullers too....u know what I do? I wait for them to come back in and kill them. But it seems that is to hard for most players, sothey would rather just ban them. No, I said a lot of people pull, not everyone. I'm not saying skyas is bias, just saying the whole point was because of anger on a failed hunt. If someone pulled on them, in a simple raid, there wouldn't be any discussion at all. And I'm not backtracking anything, I'm saying the same thing I said in the first place, I don't like pullers, but I don't think its logical to ban them for that. And yea, since at the time I was the only spanish talking GM, I was gona help spanish users first, english then. English talking users had hunter, frost, bier and a lot of GMs, while spanish talkers only had me and farjat (now elguason), so I don't really see anything wrong with that quote. Its sad that when u can't argue about the topic, u just change the subject to fight about something else...........why haven't u been banned yet? what's sad is you trying to defend somebody who is clearly wrong. gj editing your post :) I'm not defending anyone, neither I'm saying phoenix didn't pulled, actually I said ina post above, that he most probably did pull. I'm just against the punishment, so plz try to read once in a while, instead of just spamming out what u think. pages, 1 and 2. please read. you were the one who said "pulling is part of the game", "everyone pulls". wrong on both quotes. i guess cheating the game doesn't deserve a punishment, so let's all go lame. An edit item user talking about cheating, thats funny. Pulling is a part of the game, where u like it or not, juts like getting lag is. When people lag, and get killed, does the person who killed him complain? no they are happy. Well, when someone pulls on u, u get angry. It balances itself out. If people are gona get punished for pulling, then start punishing people that take advantage of someone lagging........but thats never gona happen right? cause as long everyone is getting eks, they are happy, and there is no reason to complain right? pulling is not part of the game, i already explained it. and you're just repeating yourself now. which is quite "sad". so, "learn to read" gj being a hypocrite. when did i ever have edit items? o.O" and what does my edit items(jokes) have to do anything with pulling? If it happens in the game, then its part of the game, or, so u can understand, is a situation that can be expected on an MMORPG type of game, making it something we have to deal with it. And yes I have to repeat myself, since I see u can't understand it. They do, when u talk about "cheating", sry, its just hilarious....guess who the hypocrate really is. ''If it happens in the game, then its part of the game'' -Ok so laming is part of the game too because it happens in the game (O'rly?)? -Yes but it's WRONG and will be punished. ''is a situation that can be expected on an MMORPG type of game, making it something we have to deal with it'' -Ok so we have to deal with laming also because this is MMORPG type of game? WRONG, it is punishable and so should pulling be because it's NOT a part of the game because it's CHEATING the game itself by disconnecting yourself. Cakez has a good point there about atleast lowering the rates of pulling and making it punishable so maybe atleast not-so-retarded ppl won't pull because they realize it's not allowed. Making crimes is also a part of life and we don't have to deal with murders on the streets just because it's part of life, do we?
  13. XeXy

    ~phoenix~ Pulled

    Its still an unfair excuse for sending someone to bi....everyone in hb pulls and it has never been penalized for that. I don't say its a part of the game, its just something that can happen intentionally or not. Now everyone that d/c during the middle of a fight and caught in video (either if he normallyl logged out, got lagged or pulled) is gona get the chance of spending a vacation in bi. If it wasn't SkyGM posting the video, this conversation wouldn't probably exist. And the fact that being caught by a GM being the only reason for sending someone to bi, wouldn't be fair to everyone: a side from frost GM, most GM's are aresden, that means the only players getting caught would be elvs, not aresden. ( I agree with xexy, if players are to be penalized, player submitted videos should be allowed, not only gm ones). I just believe everyone cries when they don't like something, when they didn't like dmg, they asked for a change, when they didn't like drops, they ask for a drop change, now they don't like to loose an ek, they ask for that ek to be sent to bi...plz just play.... In my eyes the point of this new rule is to humiliate and punish the pullers and make it STOP and make the game more fair. I kinda doubt that many players even have fraps ready and remember to roll it when there's a situation going on but if someone catches some good footage of a clear pull they should have the right to post it and get *spam*yzed. This is a good way to ''scare'' the pullers and show them it's not ok in a language that EVERYONE understand.And if they still continue it maybe take some more serious actions ( like tagging ''PULLER'' with red text under the players name?) :D
  14. XeXy

    ~phoenix~ Pulled

    Umm.. so can a normal player also record pulling clips to be used as evidence?