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  1. RUTH

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    from 400 to 160 nice one!
  2. RUTH

    "smart" Guy

    it was planned that way you dont understand nothing bro.. Ninja Pr0 GuY
  3. RUTH

    Invis Break /tgt

    The original version: if you tgt some1 and its invi summon hit him, i dont know if its renew the invi what happend.
  4. RUTH


    que lindo hb arg.. sin lag..
  5. RUTH

    Looking Sex Pot !

    offer :wub:
  6. RUTH


  7. RUTH

    Happy Bday White[Gm]

    anda soplar la velita white!! Happy bday white!!!
  8. RUTH

    Mass Magic Missle

    its feels like a black hole...
  9. wahh to early!! And if its raining it be cancelled to ? :p Good luck :) Have Fun.
  10. RUTH


    MR21 CHAIN M for Ogre ? :wub:
  11. RUTH


    Czaro what you looking for the GBH???
  12. RUTH

    Party Exp

    Ok! Thnx for the info white!
  13. RUTH

    Ugk Trade List

    I like the chain mp35 W u need hoses hp35 M?