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    smokin weed listening to psychopathic records working smoking weed lollllll playing hb umm skateboarding snoskating eating munchies :D my own death hmmm...oh yeah GETTING REALLY COOL ITEMS
  1. BaggyBoyX


    B) well, im definitely impressed with how the administrators are so professional with how they deal with problems. I have to say, BRING THE ETTIN PIT BACK!!!!!!!!!(we all miss it :[ ) and put the ml tp back to near toh! The bug fixes are awesome! The staff is awesome! (hunter, farjat, white, jingles(fatty:P), mj, frost, and all the others much thanks for all you help! and for making things so good!) I'd like to thank the coding staff too, keep it up yall! and last, i'd like to thank Sexy because it wouldnt be possible without her!!! All of you do such a great job its amazing! Asides from all the players in game who make playing somewhat unbearable, this is the best server i've played on, period. You cant really make anyone be nice, but cest la vi. Oh, also, i do have to agree, that the rare weapons need to be tweaked slightly, and drops on hunt zone maps like BF, and apocalypse maps should be increased, if not the rare drops, then the first drops anyways. Once again, you guys are awesome and thank you for keeping this server the best helbreath server period! B)
  2. BaggyBoyX

    Best Guild

    and now non-existent Damnation :wub:
  3. BaggyBoyX

    Hero Cape

    back on topic....i think hero capes are just fine where they are they still look sexy :wub:
  4. BaggyBoyX

    I Just Have To Boast

    You probably consider yourself lucky considering how I blizzed you several times before it dawned on me you were on the same side (sorry about that). Incidentally if anyone finds a set of false teeth they are mine I dropped them when you hit me. ahueahuahahahaha!!! ocean your the frickin man! ^_^ now lets kick some ares tail!
  5. BaggyBoyX


  6. BaggyBoyX

    I Just Have To Boast

    hahaha congrats ocean! keep it up and you'll get hero set someday!! (sorry i missed you wheelchairing around :P)
  7. BaggyBoyX

    Happy Birthday Thegambler!

    merry birzzzzday i laik your suit-doggy avatart is nais B)
  8. BaggyBoyX

    Guild Roll Call

    Can't forget pr0 pl raiders guild ( Min? Tuhoan!!! )
  9. BaggyBoyX

    Guild Roll Call

    Domination :lol:
  10. BaggyBoyX

    Low-level Spells

    pfa is there for a reason...but this is about low level spells...i believe that they are right where they should be
  11. BaggyBoyX

    Xp 64bit?

    xp for the win! much more user friendly imo
  12. BaggyBoyX

    Farjat- Please Read And Choose A Number

    thank you all it was a real shocker!!!!!! i mean, we all benefit from this, all exp weapons i dont need i donate...small armors, necks etc... THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!! :lol:
  13. lets see... lost my ice elemental necklace in nemesis2 x25exp, lost hoses mr21 in x1 exp. nemesis2, got a pr91% plate drop from an ig..and dan's right about one thing; getting pr is like a can of bugspray hahahaha
  14. BaggyBoyX

    Speed Bug Abusers

    Well, i've been following this post closely...and still searching for an answer... You could get rid of the tab key, but that would possibly make the game user un-friendly. You could use a log to check the tabbers, and IMO this could work...but gm's would be checking logs 25/8 The next solution, if you press f4, f3, f2, if they're bound to magic, MAKE IT CAST; this seems to be the best solution in my head. The sp bound to tab key could possibley work exponentially, but i see a lot of noobs dying to this...especially low lvl mages. Isnt it true that if you switch to peace mode theres a df advantage? I dont really have any new ideas...but, we do have possible options, even if they're not the best ones. (TABBERS SUCK :angry: )
  15. BaggyBoyX

    Best Helbreath Drop You Ever Got

    do u still got that dr berk ? oO My best in nem2 were mr70 leather / dr 63 hose / mp 56 leather / ma24 hose all traded long time ago. nah mostly all traded B)