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  1. Muismat

    Bf Monster Replacement

    I disagree with you Guerrera
  2. Muismat


    I like candy
  3. Muismat


    Omg Axsis your idea has been implemented
  4. Muismat

    I Will Say It In Other Words.

    necrobump 2 lose
  5. Muismat

    Remove The C8 Walking Sound

    no it's good idea =((( and speak in english noooog stomje
  6. Muismat

    Remove The C8 Walking Sound

    When people go invis and start walking for the purpose of ambushing the enemy, it defeats the purpose when the enemy can hear you walking (with either headphones or sound edits). I believe walking is a stealth tactic and thus the C8 sound for walking should be removed and a checksum placed. Opinions?
  7. Muismat


    DK15 is horrible for PVP Mages just laugh
  8. Muismat

    Koro Backz!

    oh gad not koro
  9. Muismat

    A Cape Crusade

    nice suggestion pj =))))
  10. Muismat

    About The Korean Players

    lol HB Banana
  11. Muismat


    Haha? What have you and your Crematoria guild been doing the last few crusades? Oh right, EKing in elv town!
  12. Muismat


    oh its on know, ill come kill you w/ my milton noodle powers. Traitor!!!11
  13. Muismat


    I play Malen
  14. Muismat


    Yo Dilroy, if youre Dark Empire, join Aresden If somehow you happened to turn into an Arg, join elv