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    /dkset Bug

    Ok so I changed sex to get mp set on, then I red that u need 200 cont pts to get another dk set, so I got those 200 pts, and now when Im trying to get that dkset it says something in spanish. Have I understood something wrong or is it just a bug? Or should I just exp another char to 180.
  2. Raquzz

    Anoyone Playin This Server Anymore?

    Hello Meibi, yeah I might be coming atleast givin it a try Ill try to contact u in Facebook, If Lii is coming back I think I can maybe gather some more of old survivors, maybe. Anyways nice to cya here. Ps. hi to maynard.
  3. Raquzz

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Hi I could come back too myself, kinda bored to cod4 atm, whisper me when u have decided when ur gonna make new char and which side and ill join u. Ps, mukava n?h? suomalaisia.
  4. Raquzz

    Whats Ur Highest Zerk Damage To Mobs?

    I remember when Dimora critted 184 something to warrior with dragon ring,dm+5 and abh+1 rep6 :D
  5. Raquzz

    Just Saying Hi Guys

    Hi Lorraine.
  6. Raquzz

    Dark Mage Hat

    Im just too curious to know when that is going to be implented in the game, or will it? At least the description say: This item is not yet available for players. So when this item will be in game?
  7. Raquzz

    Wassup My Dear Enemys And Town Mates

    How many survivors/finns still playing?
  8. Raquzz

    New Year Is Coming!

    This year was disaster in HB, half of this year I was in army, and when I came back from there I played a month and lost all my items, dunno where and now I cba to get all the items back so Im playing more cod4 now. Getting new pc soon I hope, gotta w8 for graphic card coz all of the ATI's HD 5870's r out of stock everywhere in finland. Ordered new monitor today, 24 inch LED, hopefully getting it tomorrow or day after. Anyways I hope next year would be better. ps. trying get some motivation to start playing nemesis again.
  9. Raquzz

    Dk Sword

    Depends do u wanna ek or what, if u wanna ek go for 200 str and get bbh+++, if u like monsters more go for 130 str and get dk15. Tho dk15 on 200 str is good for hunting also.
  10. Raquzz

    Happy Birthday Gimlar

  11. Raquzz

    Happy Birthday Gimlar

    Happi bdai Gimblar.
  12. Raquzz

    Mana Regen

    U must have tough luck, coz I remember when dimo once got ek with critital -168, with hs+dm4+rodemon+abh. he has abh rep6+1 :X yeah but had onli dm4 and rodemon :P
  13. Raquzz

    Nemesis Int

  14. Raquzz

    Email: "new Settings On Hbnem"

    Lol I was 200 str and I used about 40+ majs to get dk wand and go back to 200 str, this was when dk wand was only obtainable by more int than str.
  15. Raquzz

    Mana Regen

    U must have tough luck, coz I remember when dimo once got ek with critital -168, with hs+dm4+rodemon+abh.
  16. Raquzz

    Protesting Against Hb Arg

    Same here and ping is awfull for me to play on nem arg, and taylor stole items on neme int, so now I have zero intrest to play.
  17. Raquzz

    Argentina Server Opening.

    1. It'd be difficult (name changes etc) 2. You'd own far too hard. I thought about this, and no you can't move a char with mass items to a server where people have none and will have none for a very long time. Seriously, there's so many people, I think it may be able to maintain as well. I do fear what it will do to Int (it is ridiculously fun). Well im off from int since my friend gave his account and my items to his friend, lolz. tho I dont have so much time playing on hb atm. Being to busy with cod4 promod, with clanbase, and new clan building up. Well I'll maybe come to say hi sometimes on Nem Int, I would come to HB arg if my ping wouldnt be ~300.
  18. Raquzz

    Argentina Server Opening.

    Then I would come back to nemesis right away. I hate to play servers with +100 ping, sure its still playable but when mass ppl on u just get mass bumbs. This one is good suggestion.
  19. Raquzz

    Helbreath Nemesis Expansion.

    a good source told me that windows seven doesnt have the bug. but i didnt tested. I had fps problem on win 7, so I went back to xp.
  20. Raquzz

    Happy Bday Ey!

    Ur right about that :wub: And Gz for ya bday.
  21. Raquzz

    Mas Pescado Que Funnygirl

    Nice catfish.
  22. Raquzz

    Static Aka Dan

    Dunno whats happen but usually scammer gets banned :D
  23. Raquzz

    Helbreath Nemesis Expansion.

    42ms lol wow I would be extacy to have that low ping :D
  24. Raquzz

    Update Pre V3 Items

    Im not sure about the neck but in kweapons +5 dmg doubles up in zerk. DM+5 only adds dmg after zerk dont know how this goes with kneck then.