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  1. wutafreek

    About Recall

    In conclusion - Suck it up, and play the game like it was meant to be played. This is a multiplayer game, and you can always find someone else to kill. Even with recall as it is, plenty of people have gotten Hero parts and Hero sets. Just suck it up, and deal with it.
  2. wutafreek

    Whos Out There?

  3. wutafreek

    Guild Roll Call

    I may not be in-game very much, but I would still like to keep my guild section. ;) ';..;' Rawr
  4. wutafreek

    Wanna Play My Forum Game?

    ^ We'll see about that. :P < Has no Ares char, what are you talking about? :huh: v Thinks they know who my Ares character would be, if I had one. :unsure:
  5. wutafreek

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    Dear Santa, I would like a Light 60% MP70% PlateMail M. Thanks! - wutafreek ^_^
  6. wutafreek

    Brother's In Blood For The Win

    Yellow DOES belong to the rainbow. :huh:
  7. wutafreek

    Poison Arrows

    There used to be poison arrows, dropped by Dark Elves. I think they didn't work, and were taken out of HB, though.
  8. wutafreek

    Winter Scavenger Hunt- Win A Gm!

    ROYGBIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
  9. wutafreek

    Winter Scavenger Hunt- Win A Gm!

    Everything BUT #33 will be given back to you. You don't keep #33, but you do keep everything else. :P
  10. wutafreek

    Question About Skill %

    I think I know what you're asking, and here's an example. If you have 50 dex and 100% shield, and you use a majestic to lower your dex to 47, yes, your shield % will go down (to 94%), as far as I know.
  11. wutafreek

    Re: Boy And Slyone

    Thank you Sexy and Tyrone. ;)
  12. wutafreek

    Nomad Play Mode

    That'd be kinda interesting....be able to enter any building, and anyone could kill you for an EK, or you could kill anyone else for an EK (as long as the levels are right).
  13. wutafreek


    I can help with PVP: Defensive, Mage 101, Wyvern 101, and a little of Warrior 101, as well as help a little with translating to/from Spanish. Just gimme a time, and I'll see if I can be there. B)
  14. wutafreek

    Winter Scavenger Hunt- Win A Gm!

    Hunter, you should move Ley's post up next to yours. :P AWESOME event! Maybe I'll have a (very) slight chance at winning another scavenger hunt. :ph34r:
  15. wutafreek

    Elvine Blocked

    Of course there was an influx to Elvine, they had Aresden blocked for a while...