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    Looking For Unban

    EaZy looking for an un ban after 2 years. Would love to be back
  2. evilsack


    i would prolly play more if i wasnt banned
  3. evilsack


    I'm getting tired of players not communicating with there town mates OTHER THAN GUILD MATES. Players only talk/organize/speak/plan with guildies only........When stuck in a pvp situation there's no teamwork cause players choose that there "to good" to speak to everyone. -Guilds are VERY destructive in the fact players feel only guild mates are worthy of speaking to. -Players recall in every situation even when para+10on1 (That's *censored*ed if u ask me, and probably EVERY player). -Most players on this server are PRO and have god sets. -Dark Knights items are way to overpowered and make 1on1 pvp *censored*ing lame as shit. -Partybug constantly pisses me off. -Most players are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY faster than me and its never fair when they hit 3 times to my 1 -Mages cast spells even when there para + taking damage(no fly effect really *censored*s pvp) -WhiteGM is a peice of shit GM and sould be looked into. I have spoken about this goof to many players and you'll find the numbers against him to be staggering, if players arn't afraid to admit it that is -The game is entirely revolved around timing players pfm/amp its just watching a stopwatch. -There no character diversity. EVERYONE USES BBH OR DK SWORD PERIOD. -ALL MAGES ONLY USE BLIZZ theres nothing to offer mages other than bliz. -Strip %'s are way to *censored*nig high, 1hit stripps 1 armor. Very stupid -All players are only looking to ripp each other off...i dont think ive ever posted a trade without someone trying to scoop it with lame offers hoping to scam me thinking im noob. All im asking is for my account to be DELETED PERMINATLY , as i will not be playing this CRAP anymore. account= evilsack character = Roso,EaZy,Hurtin,Spliff Just delete everything please. Thanks and hope you guys enjoy
  4. evilsack

    Website Messed.

    Not sure why website is saying "menu" before everything but here's my SS of it.
  5. evilsack

    Force Log-out Change

  6. evilsack

    Ek Spree

    or maybe even just during helds/sades... character with highest ek's gets ring under them or something..
  7. evilsack

    Ek Spree

    When you hold the most ek's of your town you glow brighter (red/blue). Whoever leads the way in eks of the town get a special glow untill someone else gets higher eks. Could be based Daily or Overall. Only works if full hero is on (simple and cool way for leet players of server to express Real power) When someone kills a Glowing player of opposite town you get 2eks rather than 1? encourage teamwork and hunting skills :)
  8. evilsack


    This guy stayed at scorps stopping many new players from training by using summons....i seen 2 players get angry and immediatly logged out over this.
  9. evilsack

    Some ... Suggestions?

    Completely speechless...It's like you tore my head open and started extracting all the shit Ive been to lazy to post. Not a single idea i dissagree with on this post. Very Nice
  10. evilsack


    Im sick of all the thiefs and tabbers. Sitt there for 10mins soloing monsters and some *censored* comes and takes last hit EVERY *censored*NIG TIME. so mad i just threw my monitor across floor. *censored*nig game angers me i wish there was some way even if someone stole your kills YOU stil lgot ALL the exp + items. somehow. cause this really angers me.
  11. evilsack

    Old Schoolers?

    Been playing since int beta when a special flam drop made you crap your pants. I remember when me and SSGoku found a sharp rep6 flam and everyone loathed. :) my war was )~Thug~( my mage was Evil-Magic
  12. evilsack

    For All Canadians

    Found a great website forall your canadian needs. I ordered off here 2 weeks ago and was amazed with the quality. ***REMOVED***
  13. evilsack

    Farm Dungeon Revamp

    Ive made this post in the past but it never went anywhere..... I AGREE 100% and would love to see maps actually beeing used more than once,.
  14. evilsack


    My birthday was Jan.5 and you dont hear me asking for items :P Happy bday though
  15. evilsack


    You know that's really the only beef ive ever had with any hb servers. These retarted DK items. If your stuck wearing knights armor at 180 EVERYONE's gonna feel those lower dmg items. (Flams, GS's ect.) DK armor DESTROYS allmost all use of weapons except for bbh, DK sword, ect. Anything over Knights and Manu Knights armors....will always "in my eyes" be looked at as an addition to hb and really DESTOYS alot of diverity for character building. People cant compete landing high dmg on DK'ed warriors unless there forced into using BBH. Lets all do a count.....How many bbh characters you see around? That's my point theres no diversity. I say if DK armors are removed (keeping dk weapon) we might actually see different builds of characters and someones might actually be able to kill someone 1on1, WITHOUT HAVING ACTIVATION or "dueling" naked. It would also encourage ALOT of players to keep finding those special armors, and actually use them 24/7. I just feel DK armors are to overpowered, unless you got a war para and blocked its almost useless unless ur a mage. Mshield+Full DK+Towershield = Wayyyyyyyy to much protection. You got 1war boxed and 8 wars criting down and it still takes a good 3min? That's not right. He sould drop in about 20seconds 8on1 ANYONE AGREE? Thanks For listening P.S. I usually trade all my good armor drops cause when it comes down to it. DK overpowers them all