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  1. 2quick

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    yea, stop remembering my name!!! :ph34r:
  2. 2quick

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    im a nerd
  3. 2quick

    Wow Alot Has Changed Here! Im Back Btw :p

    Yes i'll stay ares, can't wait to come home and play again. Seems like there's alot of good players playing!
  4. 2quick

    Wow Alot Has Changed Here! Im Back Btw :p

    yea im currently playing ares! nice to see you again elguason
  5. Left for maybe a year or so, and alot of things improved! Good job farjat, sexy and all the GMs!, been reading the forums to see what has changed, seems that all has changed for the better. Dont know if ppl remember me, but im planning to come back to hb nemesis! See you all ingame soon! Kaoz
  6. 2quick

    Im Back As Well !

    see u in ares!
  7. 2quick


    hey look its an e-thug, yo yo yo homie, iz da og represent! w3rd
  8. 2quick


    nicee, pvp him :) iz just itenz menn
  9. 2quick

    Requesting Lvl 3 Admin .

    I think the donmeister deserves it to, he proved that he can be a capable GM and keep things in check
  10. 2quick

    Insecure Account Please Gm Check This

    maybe u have a keylogger on ur computer?
  11. 2quick

    Egg System And Priest Class

    lol before all this, let the server become stable first
  12. 2quick

    Dk Or No Dk?

    i think the best solution is not lowering the endurance, but just lowering the pa/ap, should be enough :)
  13. 2quick

    Dk Or No Dk?

    oops dindt see this post before i made a reply, yea that's a great idea, dk set without ap/pa is great, and bbh's strips lowered would be great to.
  14. 2quick

    Dk Or No Dk?

    Well i personnaly think it would take more skill to play the game without DK sets, helbreath's endgame is mostly about pvp, at lv 180 it's all about eking, i twould be more fun and exciting wihtout dk sets, i mean dk sets are really useful in hunting, but as we've seen in the low exp server, monsters are still killable without dk sets. I think the only real loss with taking the dk sets away, are for mages, as dk sets are really helpful on a mage. Well if everyone is 50/50 on this, maybe you could just lower the dk sets pa?
  15. 2quick

    Experience Test.

    hey farjat and sexy, please think about the dk sets :P, it would make the server more pvp oriented and unique to play in. 180 with no dk sets? never been done before :P