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    cant wait to get back onto nemesis. feels like so long away :D
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    congrats to farjat :D
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    Game Update 26/12/2015

    Hi GM's Since this update my fps has gone from approx. 150-170 to anywhere from 30fps to a max of 130-140 fps. And the client seems to crash a lot more often than it did before. Also the client itself is laggy often when i try the move cursor it will just freeze for 1-2 seconds at a time, especially when a lot of people are on screen or items. I use vista, not sure if that helps. Tim Lugiore
  4. lugiore

    Dk Armour

    Hi GM's, I want to retake my dk set, mainly i want to change from a robe to a dk chainmail, is this function still possible? As i choose a robe as i was going to be low str, but after a while i decide i want higher str. Is it possible to change form dk robe to dk chainmail? Or am i stuck with dk robe unless i manu a dk chainmail? Ty for the help lugiore/skillklr
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    Corpse Potions

    Hi all, Was just wondering if the corpse potions that make the corpse last longer before disappearing make lava golems last longer for mining as well as skinning? Cheers :D
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    Game Update 7/11/2015 - Nemesis Guilds Beta

    Hey, Not sure if it is a bug or not, but when you use a activated item ( guild medu/ice/xel axe) it show a +xxxx number on first hit sometimes i noticed. i couldn't get a ss for it unfortunately, sorry. lugiore
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    Game Update 7/11/2015 - Nemesis Guilds Beta

    Cant wait for guilds to open :D sounds like it will be fun times :D :D Excellent work as always GM's :D :D Much thanks :D
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    Alkapone's Trade-List

    guess so but they dont go above 7% parts :( if you're M you can play with my items bro, also got a nice W mp set on gorda's character I will try and catch you ingame bro :)
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    Hello all I is looking for macon and alka and my daddy and my boss. they know who they are.. i is returning to have some FUN :D:D:D lugiore
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    cheers mate :D
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    lol lol lol never :D
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    Alkapone's Trade-List

    Hey brother, you got any low % m MP gear i can trade with you for stones? ill try catch u ingame lugiore
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    ya , those exp pots will help for sure. yea alka, i met like 3 from australia in the guild last night, nice to see so many aussie's playing :) lol i whisp all when i see :P
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    lugiore is only 137and skillklr is 89 :( i got alot of work ahead lol
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    :D:D:D hola hola :D:D :D:D I back to do some dmg lol :P how are you both? Darkside maybe be back, have to lvl lugiroe and skillklr first :? i got lazy and stopped b4 180 and had a few months breaK and now am hungry :D daddy go *censored* all the chicks lol :D:D:D dirty daddy lol :P gunna spend alot of time this weekend b4 xmas and lvl crazy . :D iam in natural selection guild atm with 3 friends who is everyone else with? u both still ares? :)
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    Dragon[Gm] Added To Staff.

  17. lugiore

    1St Abaddon Owned!

    congrats guys.
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    Items On Permaban Characters

    the main thing is to recicle the items instead of make gms /createitem to have a prize on events still dont see how it would be easier then createitem but i get your meaning
  19. lugiore

    Items On Permaban Characters

    I dont see where the incentive is to follow the rules if the item gets unbanned. I dont understand why the town who had the banned player would be allowed to keep the rare. That dosnt sound like a punishment to me. People get banned for doing the wrong things, punishment should stay as it is, loss of all items and char etc.
  20. You shouldn't have told everyone on the forum that your GUILD was all going to D2 This is entirely your own fault. No action should be taken by GM's, no bug was exploited, you announced to the forum what you were doing. And then got the prize for doing so.
  21. lugiore

    Quests: Some Suggestions

    + 1 to both, great ideas
  22. lugiore

    Funniest Quest Bug Ever

    wtf hahahhaha many completed quests lol
  23. lugiore

    Game Update 03/09/2013 - V5.43.002

    HAHAHAHA buggers lol nice update, nice to see what can be gotten via lucky tickets. What is a Permanent Bank/Quest/Guild/AH Access Summon Potion?
  24. lugiore

    Reduce Ping!

    HAHAHAHAHA troll lol lol lol