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  1. baquitah

    The Lag

    come on any GM can say why server have this LAG !!! is same others post about lag,, in any hours is imposible play, before update server no have much LAg but now is so much!
  2. baquitah

    For Gms

  3. baquitah

    For Gms

    any GM can check TIKETS please, need any answer about 1 tiket especial for Hunter[GM]
  4. baquitah

    I Wonder What The Difference Is....?

    internacional 4 year or ++ neme arg 1 year ? -.-!
  5. baquitah

    Why Lag?

    any solution about LAG ?
  6. baquitah

    Hunter, Are You Alright?

    JANTER back plz! :(
  7. baquitah

    Facebook Interaction.

    como me hago FAn calu ? asi ayudo =)
  8. baquitah

    Update Soon !

    Staff nemesis very nice work !... nemesis the best server of the wordl !!! BBH stats ?
  9. baquitah

    Item Event Week Aug 1

    Hunter Scamed my pvp event !! :P Juli[GM] own Hunter[GM] own BacaPoop ek+2 ^_^ in this pvp event :P i cant play this weeek :(
  10. baquitah

    Platinum-sapphire Ring Event

    i dont know why never see this event if i check always forum, and how this tread have low post :P jaja but , congratz MJ..
  11. baquitah

    (Sunday, After Held) Hammer Time

    make the event on Monday or Tuesday or Thursday or Friday for the Wednesday but I have to work thanx!!1
  12. baquitah


  13. baquitah

    Explain Your Character's Name

    Yennifer ---> the real user char is a girl , name Yennifer :P JaCKeLyN ---> a name I loved chocolate PoliCia ---> because they really police work pititoQUE ---> el nombre de un personaje de la tele argentina que duro muy poco pero me hacia reir mucho BacaPoop ---> Baca ( so I say to my friends, cow would actually by animal VACA = COW but i like BACA because they told me my aunts "vaquita" littlecow, because he was chubby and took a lot of milk when I was a baby, but now I'm pretty thin xD and Poop...because we choose to create a character that ends in poop ajja thanx Google traductor FTW!! Google traductor FTW!!
  14. baquitah

    Abby Down

    1 xelima 1 merien 2 llf flamer 1 apos and gold pro drop! -.- "
  15. baquitah


    next update /raidtime ??? please! =)