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  1. Dark-Demon

    Repeat Quest

    Hmm, I dunno about this idea because im playing on BMAGE, ice golems are basically the only thing i can kill with 50 dex so if you decrease quest points i wont be able to earn contribtion points.
  2. Dark-Demon

    Im Out

    lolx u lie bitch! if u quit i kill u nab IcyMage <<
  3. Dark-Demon


    Illusion movment dont go through pfm and that's a BIG diffrent. I know It's hard to play bmages with bs items I made one as 1st char when i just started. the solution need to be with spells and not with weapons, because dk flam+15 owns on bmage,or stated flam\GS\GIS\hammer(they are easy to get even when you are new,ppl even give for free.)
  4. Dark-Demon


    Agreed and im using lighting bolt alot. the problem with lighting bolt is that you have to aim it correctly to deal 80-100 dmg if the damage of lighting bolt increase to 150-200 then this spell worth using because its very hard to aim when you get attacked.
  5. Dark-Demon


    agreed+1 or just increase the other normal spells damage
  6. Dark-Demon


    I manage to ek next to bbh+4 wars and next to SB war and next to KB wars or even GBH wars. but I will never mannage to ek next to blizz mages with EWS\LS damage. and thats sad because im alot more mage then a war.
  7. Dark-Demon


    I know how to use spells I just never get the eks with all mages blizzing around and me doing 60's. if you guys dont like the idea of MFS so much, increasing the dmg of lighting bolt will be ok aswell.
  8. Dark-Demon


    you guys didnt understand me well let me try explain again. ok this is my stats: int mag str dex vit 123 160 143 60 112 as you can see in my stats im alot more mage then a war. but still 99% of my eks i made with swords. and thats unbalanced and something need to do with it. I didnt ask for much I just dont see reason why Illusion Movment need to cost 160 int. and Mass Fire Strike to do abit more dmg dont make it too much then it really is.
  9. Dark-Demon


    then every1 will do 104 str blizz mages thats not where im trying to go... battle mages need stronger spell in around 112 int so they can be more mages and not just try killing ppl with swords all time
  10. Dark-Demon


    Ok,I got your point thanks alot for reply now I'd like ot hear other people opinons,thanks.
  11. Dark-Demon


    MFS will make me mass eking machine? i really dont think so dont make me laugh. I just saying i make alot more eks with sword even though im 130 str only I want to make Bmage to use more spells and not just to act like a war.(killing elvs only with sword) I know bmages can be a great support chars,but I want to change it a litle bit and make Bmages to be able to stand on their own and not to make funny dmg. with weapons you have the dk sword solution but with spells? no solution so far. and if bmage is support char like you say imagine bmage with Ilussion Movment with this spells they can support alot more.
  12. Dark-Demon


    If you read more carefully,you could see I didnt ask for mim(Mass Illussion Movment) i asked for Illusion Movment only(cant hit when pfm on like all other 112 int spells). and mass fire strike its not so cheap mana cost and the dmg is not so high. but maybe with mfs bmage will be able to get eks. so far i made 30 eks only 2 with spells. MFS wont unbalance server take things proportionly I didnt ask for a BSW. P.S my vit stands on 112 only blizz bmages have low vit and its cool like that.
  13. Dark-Demon


    Ok first of all I'd like to say that I own a bmage one of few in game. I think there should be more variety of characters type in this server,and I have some ideas that will make ppl make more bmages. 1.make illusin movment avilable for 112 int 2.make mfs buyable in wizard guy or atleast make it alot higher drop rate my guild been hunting demons 24\7 and didnt get even one and its not that amazing spell. tell me what you think just an idea dont hate me lol xD.
  14. Dark-Demon

    Saph Ring

    does saphire ring working here?
  15. Dark-Demon

    Teleport Stone

    An Teleport Stone.... Think about it when ur walkin in ml and 2 players attacking you all u need is click on a "Teleport Stone" and type player name and when he accept the teleportation he will sommun next to you. how to get an tp stone u ask mmm though about alchemy or mobs or from the" New Quests " - ( though about idea soon ill post it )