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    Server Balance

    You guys want 11 vs 11 instead of 18 vs 4? Whats the point. I have been reporting bugs/scammers/hackers since day one of this server and staff did nothing about it, no reason to think they will now. Nothing left here boys, its over.
  2. foefoe

    Server Balance

    We were laughing at you because you're a shitter.
  3. foefoe

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    but months after release. when you think this stuff might be done? Same time olympia opens? too late man.
  4. foefoe

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    We gave up on the pullling crap 8 years ago. we know you wont do anything about it. Just try to fix what you can (my entire list of stuff in this thread is still broken months later) Seem you fixed the manu berks.... whooptie doo.
  5. foefoe

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    Yes but the only reason these ie necks are less rare is because the of frequency of them being hunted. If the neck didnt suck right now, people would have already hunted many of them. At the time its only rare cuz there is no point to try earth drags. So essentially there should be more earth necks than ie (we got earth ele neck in 2 dragons and 0 IE necks out of hundreds of IW.) I agree with u taking the 100% side resist is too much (only because it destroys 1 vs 1 pvp.) During team fights it wouldnt be as OP as you say due to mages casting blizz+HF (2 most popular spells.) So compromise and make the EP do 25% resist and Earth ele do 50% resist. Seems like it would be balanced thing to do.
  6. Something weird on my screen here. I think its a free or something.
  7. foefoe

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    so take earth protection out of the game, and make earth ele 50% resist. And imo IE neck is still way better resist to have as EVERYONE can cast blizz and only a portion can esw. I could see how 100% resist could destroy 1 vs 1 pvp as well though. Also Ie neck is wayyyy less rare than earth necks.
  8. foefoe

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    All of the above issues have been reported via tickets or direct contact with gms by the core of our guild. Earth necks should be exactly ip/ie necks. Earth protection=25% ma and 50% resist to both sp and armor break. Eearth ele= 50% ma and 100% resist effect. Even if these necks were changed to be like this they still aren't as good as efreet or IE neck. So i wouldnt think it would be a big deal to just complete them. Speeders seem to have slowed down over the last 2 weeks. But still seen some random koreans using. As far as recording it, i cant be bothered to run a program that slows down helbreath even more than it already is. So maybe a method of detection on staff's part would be the best way to deal with that. We all known for years its hard to catch pullers/speeders on cam as it happens during the most random times. Corpse bug has been worked on over the last few weeks it seems it has got better but still bugs out sometimes. Example: killing 1 gg in a pit and once it dies the body stands back up as if it were alive and u cant jump on the corpse (drop.) This fake corpse now starts attacking you once the new gg spawns, but you cant see the correct monster without going off screen to "reset" the corpse. This bug occured in legion+olympia always, but never in nem2.
  9. foefoe

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    manu berk w is still maxed at 180% Ettin camp/stalker den still hasnt been balanced Earth ele neck is incomplete koreans/args still using speeders enchanting tier list is incorrect (includes knight+capes) both of which are not enchantable correctly. corpse bug still exists people are allowed to scam left and right (Munin............) Just some of the things that have been issues for weeks now that could require some attention i think. Rudolph quest is.... cute. But there are problems a tad bit more important than adding fruit quests that actually harm pvp rather than promote it.
  10. foefoe

    Earth Elemental

    Why does this thing only give shit ma% not resistance like ice protection/elemental? Seems like a sloppy unfinished item.
  11. foefoe

    What Happend With Server?

    I see your point of view on the short history... let me place a short reaction to that: - We changed configs and now have safe zones - We listened to your opinions and made you safe zones, global chats, larger parties, more quests, etc... - We have improved ping so asians (and everyone else) should lagg less - Town balance is not an issue anymore, both towns just live in different time zones now only causing "inbalance" in off-peak times. - We have increased GM activity now for the summer (While building automated systems to replace GMs) - We have random events now outside of standard crusades, heldenians, apocalypse and the fixed weekly summon event (Invasions, Hide 'n Seek, ...) We made nemesis just as you liked, change every single bit why people left... with the community promising people would return... Can't really say management is wrong here, we did exactly what you asked... lol, everything we ever told you to do took 2-3 years to actually get done. You told us for years "staff will decide what is best not players." Now you have no players to act like god to and you want to blame them lol!
  12. foefoe

    Server Maintenance 28/01

    Ignorant statements like this are why nobody plays nemesis anymore. Only so much retarded shit you can take from 1 group of people before you give up.
  13. foefoe

    A View Of The Community On Nemesis 3

    Already beat u 1 vs 1 in 30 seconds. Good enough.