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    Change Skill System

    Needing 50 of some stat was ok for 140max level, but now with 180 anyone can spare those 40 points. I say make it 100 str/dex/mag/int for skills Why should a 50mag war have the same magic skill as a 200int 200mag mage? Why should a 50dex mage have the same shield proficiency as a 200str 200dex war? or be able to crit? for example with a xelima rapier. 100 stat points for skill will force a meaningful sacrifice on your "class" stats to acquire that skill Also, i believe MR should be based on mag aswell, how can a non magic user be that resistant to magic? I believe this will add some balance to end game, and give an edge to bmages who would be able to fully acquire skills from both main classes
  2. mushra

    Dicho Y Hecho

    si quieren eventos pvp y no hay gm on, organicense entre uds y alquilen la arena
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    la verdad me sorprende lo de rommel, no lo conocia pero parecia re buen tipo tenia una buena imagen de el, creo que una vez se me vino a plantar en el medio de scorps para juntarmelos para ayudarme a lvlear solo por que si, una lastima
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    me jugaba la vida que la25 lammeaba