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  1. Swole

    Server Down ?

    Hurricane Hermine destroyed the server lol
  2. Swole

    Update Soon !

    i love that now maybe we can get Black shadow swords with stats i think that sword is cool..
  3. Swole

    (Sunday, After Held) Hammer Time

    haha dont be apologizing for your health dude, thats more important. screw them glad ur back HB gets boring without your events! :D
  4. Swole

    News On Next Update

    Dibs on Hachis for white capes!
  5. Swole

    News On Next Update

    Wow thats amazing, just what the game needs!
  6. ya it was only elvs right? no ares at all...
  7. Swole

    Choose Time And Day For Hammer Time Event

    Sunday after held is very active time!!
  8. Swole

    Explain Your Character's Name

    Swole- Cause i like to lift weights...
  9. Swole


    i think its all a good idea and id most likely buy the set lol and a pitt full of dummys to maj!!!!!
  10. Swole

    Cant Update Helbreath!

    can u gimme a program to extract it plz?
  11. Swole

    Cant Update Helbreath!

    i downloaded patch but wont let me extract, and i downloaded updater wont let me update says download current version manually, plz tell me everything i need to do to play again.. this sucks.