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  1. 213

    Mim Poll

    Voting here dont matter, the staff arnt even considering changing it, according to what was just said in another topic.
  2. 213

    Any Plans To Update This Client?

    You dont plan to change it but yet took a poll to ask players what they wanted? What a waste of *censored*ing time voting and getting peoples ideas together to just have the staff not gvie a shit what we, the players think. Without players, a server is nothing but an empty HG,Gate,main, and login. Here goes another fail decision by Nemesis, not listening to the community who makes nemesis what it is. If this is the way things are going to go, and we are already on week 3, b prepared to lose a ton of your population to Olympia when it comes back up, and i hate that server.
  3. 213

    Fix Town Imbalance

    Ya we do have 30+ active, but they only log monday-wed. Soon as thursday rolls around they dont log because of the imbalance during our guilds timezone. many of elvines have quit toneeh do you not see this? they left because they felt elv was outnumbered, and none of them log during raid days. Today per say, when heldinian started. There were 40-50 elvs, and the rest out of 214 people, were aresdens, you do the math. We shouldnt have to log on during the we hours of night/morning just to be able to hunt without having 3:1 aresden odds. this is an "International" server and thus balance should be met for all "International" timezones.
  4. 213

    Any Plans To Update This Client?

    Just because during 1 guilds timezone its ok in Elvine doesnt negate the fact that during DAYTIME hrs (server time) elvs are outnumbered. Saying that balance is OK, because during chasers timezone its fine doesnt mean that the other part of elv that actually plays during normal server operating hours, its not. This server is not made to please just 1 timezone, if that was the case they would make it a ARg server, or Korean server, NOT an international server. Chasers is the only other large guild in elvine, and you guys are on a completely diff timezone than Infamous is. We are mostly American,canadian,Arg. We can always just take our 35 memebers to aresden and make imbalance worse if thats what the server wants.
  5. 213

    Camilo Giving Free Eks

    Camilo is doing this because he is not going to fight the aresden imbalance during our timezone He is an Infamous active and we (as a guild) have been trying to get something done about imbalance during our timezone. There is no sense in fighting if we are outnumbered, and how fair is it to not be able to play PERIOD because of it. I will say something to him about it, but the staff need to get onboard with fixing the imbalance during GMT 5. I mean do they not see something is wrong, when we are barely pushing 40 active elvs during GMT5 with 150+ aresdens on? These are daytime hours in America, the server is hosted in America. If this was meant to be a server directed at people NOT playing in US/Arg/EU timezones, then the hosting shoulda been choose a little bit differently.
  6. 213

    Fix Town Imbalance

    Thats exactly what I been asking for. Move 1 of the US/arg/ue guilds in aresden to elvine. This will fix it. Just saying the server is fine because of crusade statistics is retarded. You have to take into consideration that there are many timezones, and many guilds. Infamous is a HIGLY active guild in elvine, we are 35+ strong (lv 3 guild) and growing. My guild is tired of having to AFK thur-sun becase aresedns during our timezone outnumber us a ton. Wouldnt it be easier to fix the imbalanec during our timezone rather then have 35 active players in elv all quit or move our entire guild to aresden as well and further *censored* up the town imbalance. Because we are seriously discussing this issue if nothing is done. Moving the entire Infamous guild to aresden is something that has been talked about. We figured that if nothing was going to be done during our timezone which i believe is GMT 5 (USA etc) We will just quit playing in elv, and start our guild and move all 35+ members to aresden. Which will in turn further screw up the imbalance. We are trying to be team players here, but when we are ignored, or disregarded, we will have no problem removing 35+ active from elvine and adding them to the Aresden town population, which, we want to avoid havng to do.
  7. 213

    Any Plans To Update This Client?

    Chase I completely agree with you. The ping to server is bad because of bad port direction. Cleroth fixed this on Olympia and so have many other servers. there is NO REASON why people should be getting terrible ping related to bad forwarded ports. Me and you both live in USA and IDK about you but I am getting 250+ MS ping. On Olympia i got 40ms or less. Both servers are hosted in USA there is no reason for this. I was also giving Nemesis staff the benefit of the doubt on fixing MiM in some way AND fixing people being able to box teleports. This has also been over looked. They took a poll bout MiM and it had serveral responses in regard to it. There were about 20 no votes on changing it and close to about the same on it needing to be changed/removed from magic shop and nothing has been said since. What they fail to understand is the people who voted to change it will most likely quit if nothing is done, where as, the people who want it kept the same wont quit, they will keep playing regardless. Town imbalance has been overlooked, and completely screwed up since rezpekts move to aresden. Most of elv dont play or hunt on raids days (thur-sunday) They do not understand that failing to act on any of the crucial demands of the community will cause players to quit rather then actually discussing it or achknowledging the issue. Nemesis 2 was way better of a launch then 3 was, there were events hosted by GM's within 3 days of launch, hell, the first month of server, they gave a rare as prize. i think nemesis 3 is really taking a hit because of the loss of Hunter, he was a HUGE part of nemesis success and nobody can disagree with that. We are on week 3 on server now and have loss almost 50% of player base, and 30% of that 50% has been within the last week because elvines cannot hunt, train, or do anything without the 3:1 ratio of aresdens baring down on us. Again another issue that has been overlooked. I understand that there are issues going on with attacks, and the recent downtimes that farjat said something about and Joris moving. Trying to run a server with few active staff ( they can say what they want about them working behind the scenes) is going to cause it to fail. Olympia had this same isse, it was only Cleroth and Leo running it and the server failed with no GM hosted events, and failing to respond professionally to players concerns. Expecting automated events to please the community will cause the demise of any server. Ingame player relations will show that the staff of a server cares about what its community thrives on. All in all, I hate to see you leave chase. We been friends a very long time, pretty much since HBusa launched, we have grown older together playing helbreath and you think that these guys who run servers would appreciate the "old croud" giving advise on things that WE have noticed over the 15 years of playing HB have killed it, caused players to quit, and caused servers to die.
  8. 213

    Fix Town Imbalance

    Nobody in our town knows how elvine won. There were only about 40 of us at the gate when held started we went in and there were over 100 aresdens. The towns are completely imbalanced and many elvs, especially my guild are convinced a GM gave a pity win to elv. Nobody knows how we won being this badly outnumbered.
  9. 213

    Fix Town Imbalance

    Guys when are we actually going to see something done about this? Elvine is a complete ghost town thur-sunday now because we are outnumbered by aresdens. It is 3:00 pm Eastern time and from the hrs of 11am EST til now, elvine is completely dead. Many of elvs have also quit because of this already thus leaving us still out numbered. We are not seeing any new players in our town because they cannot train in garden/ or town safely after lv 120 thusday - sunday because our town gets over run by aresdens. We need another guild from aresden moved to elv that that plays close to eastern time zone. This is getting rediculous. I run a guild with 35 active members, all of them log everyday, and play almost everyday, except thur-sun because of the mass amounts of aresdens. Can we please, please, please get something done about this before Elvine just refuses to play? If this keeps up, ares will have all the items because they have sheer numbers to hold any pit they want, and elvines will just quit. Hell, some elvs decided to just change town and start new in aresden because of this.
  10. 213

    Server Unstable / Warning

    I wouldnt want a restart. Many of us were rewarded for particiapting in the entire beta process before this launch. Plus have put alot of time into leveling up guilds, farming cont, dk15 weapons. Drops is no biggie, but the stuff we have farmed to earn or the beta rewards some of us got are not worth retarting and not having them again.
  11. 213

    Change Map Bug

    The server has been having isues for 4 days now. White isnt at home, hes outta town apparently, and farjat has been in and out but i believe white is needed to handle the attacks. This isnt a bug.
  12. Day 4 now, unable to play. Server been under attack for a while, logins down or lagging bad. only around 100 on, not 230+ like it was for 2 weeks, elvine town is dead. Sucks to see things not going good this time around right off gate. I hope things work themselves out here really soon.
  13. 213

    Fix Login And Mapchange Issues!

    24 hrs? This issue been going on for 72 hrs now.
  14. Negative nancy? Sure, i wont argue that. But this server just launched, normally when a server launches, staff are here 24/7 watching, checking, changing, fixing. For 3 days now, we have seen a dramatic decrease in players, especially elv side, because of the mass disconnects, rollbacks, crashes, loging delays complaints of imbalance in elvine, etc. The lack of anything being sad, or any announcements makes it look like they don't care. 100 players on a friday night? Something is wrong here guys, dont ya see it?
  15. Well w/e it is, either way it is killing the server already. Its friday night 9pm EST and only 100 on and 85% of them are aresdens. Elvines have obviously had enough and are not playing. While all this is going on, not 1 staff member has said anything about what is going on, or anything. I don't blame them for leaving and not playing. The players are not being informed.