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    Snowyjoe-new User

    haha if he does then ill quit, not THAT big of a deal lol helbreath isnt my life
  2. Elite-

    Snowyjoe-new User

    hahah alright well im 16 yrs old, and not gonna pay for a game to get this changed. Not to worried about it. Thanks for the help though
  3. Elite-

    Snowyjoe-new User

    hes a good friend of mine i dont think we will have any problems.
  4. Elite-

    Snowyjoe-new User

    To everyone in the server, SnowyJoe now has a new user. Which is ME:P I use Dragonoid/and now SnowyJoe Just so all you guys know and dont talk mad shit to me like you would to old user:D
  5. hahaha love it. mel gibson lol
  6. i completely agree with you.. it should of been me and THE THREE should of food to see who foods with me.. i agree with you.. and i recalled i forgot stones were in my bag. human mistake right? no one came to town asking where they were they just come to forum complaining. If someone wants to give themselves up, ill give the stones to them and they can evenly distribute what we have. Anyone? post here and ill give you the stones, get everyone off my back
  7. cor3a you have no idea what ur talking about man.. but alright.
  8. You guys are ridiculous.. NO ONE came to me (Tony) and asked about the x and m's I still have them, whoever is complaining get everyone together who is desperate for them and come to me. ill FG them. Talk to the one who has the drops first before you start complaining about my guild.
  9. Elite-

    Hb Nemesis As We Know It

    All nemesis players... I was just talking with a friend of mine in game and we came across the same problems with the numbers of players in game.. This topic comes up so much of course since everything happened awhile ago, but something really, really needs to happen sooner rather than later. We were brain storming ideas and all we could think of was advertising. We all need to think together of ways to promote the server in ways no one could ever think of. Nemesis has been going strong for so long, and it will for awhile. I just think with a little thought, flare, and some advertising, something can help this BIG problem. I'm sorry for bringing this up, because no one wants to think of nemesis as a depleting server, because it is not. But little by little by little, people need to think of ideas, and ways to advertise. This is old news of course. But just bringing this back up to everyone's attention to get peoples minds going. Post ANY ideas no matter how crazy and ridiculous, maybe it will be our SAVOR:) Drago :wub:
  10. Elite-

    Nemesis World Cup Fifa Event

    1- Ulez2 2- TUby 3- Therapist 4- luffy 5- 6- 7- Dragonoid 8- 9- BacaPoop 10- 11-
  11. Elite-

    Need Some Help With Fitting Screen!

    http://www.vizio.com/flat-panel-hdtvs/va19lhdtv10t.html thats the monitor that i use/use the RGB input for comp
  12. Elite-

    Need Some Help With Fitting Screen!

    yeah idk why i did auto adjust it moves the screen into the middle and thats it. it doesnt fit it to the whole screen.. idk whats wrong with it
  13. Elite-

    Need Some Help With Fitting Screen!

    well i havent seeen it on anything else but hb
  14. Alright so i have a 19 inch tv that im using as a monitor. I start up helbreath and the game is very small and not the whole screen. Anyone know how to adjust it to screen or something of that matter so that it goes full screen? if so id love the help. Thanks Drago
  15. Elite-

    Hi Is This True?

    yeah for sure its true.. they jacked all of his stuff. idk what got into them