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    Selling For Really Cheap...

    mr set has now mr 56% manu berk and mr 42% manu chain also have mag+20 angel and dex+19 angel
  2. pate

    Selling For Really Cheap...

    also got ms 20 hp 91 wand pa 33% blonde shield pa 33% targe shield
  3. zerkwand ms10 ice elemental sword ice protection necks efreet necks Merien necks Merien plate M+3 mr set M 49% Haub 63% hose 35% chain 63% shield mp set M 56% manu haub M 70% helm for 40 str 63% hose 49% leather 77% shield ms16 neck rogm hp set M 56% manu helm for 40% str 56% manu hose 56% manu haub 42% leather 28% plate and ~50 meriens + some ms10 and dm1 necks all this goes for really cheap.. offer
  4. pate

    New Comand

    this aint really even a problem when u think of nemesis..? anyways its really small one compared to others.
  5. pate

    Ban Fenny

    pulled severall times today.. plz ban fenny..
  6. pate

    Helbreath On Macs

    Atleast under linux helbreath isn't playable with vmware nor virtualbox. Yes, you can get yourself logged in etc, but it works so badly that can't call it playable.