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  1. Emke

    Mess In Warehouse

    Hi, try put in line 3 xelima, 3 meriens, 3 zemstones, and after some time in game, come back to WH and You will see the biggest mess... since you have not only these stones... Uncomfortable! :ph34r: BR
  2. Emke

    New Update?

    bump... :huh: ?
  3. Emke

    Change Skill System

    Agreed, except resistance skills. Could be same to utility skills like manu, salvage, enchant etc..
  4. Emke

    New Update?

    Hey, Nice to hear about new update! Wish to know when it will be released? Or there wi'll be some beta version first? Thank You! B)
  5. Emke

    Server Players

    I suggest server players back... 200+ online and 50% active :) :ph34r: :mellow: :(
  6. Cant't login 7+ hrs... Tahank You. It is UP alrdy.. close please ty.
  7. how long Elvine map will be down? ... i want play! :wacko:
  8. Emke

    Auction House

    Any idea how long Auction house will stay on test mode? Is cash-out system working? I did posted ticket, because of cash-out mine little $ and no one answers.. :wacko: still waiting, thank you :)
  9. Emke

    Quest For Zems

    random reward.. i like this idea :)
  10. Emke

    Quest For Zems

    Tell me bro how hunt wyws, if i have no time, and i will do it. Or i should quit because of time for play?? :wacko: Actually in the game is a lot of megastuffed players, and they taking away zems from rest players.. I dont talking about newbies, who dont have a guild etc. Take a look on old Veterans, who have nice armor and cant wear it, to have a more chaces escape from megastuffers. All the time asking for zems from guildmates sucks. Isnt? I could agree if wyws drop rate (on zems) could be decreased, and bound quest for make some zems.
  11. Emke

    Quest For Zems

    Is it possible to make Quest for zems, please?
  12. Emke

    [fixed] Server Down

    serv down again.. :ph34r: any idea how long to?
  13. Emke

    Safe Spot

    cooll, cant wait new update! :)
  14. Emke

    Safe Spot

    please no drop in safe spot when killed by summons. This area should be safe i think.. sry 4 english.. my bad :D