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  1. yea hot keys reset also at every screen change
  2. DanZ

    Reset Is Not An Option?

    Since this topic is so hot, lemme input my 2cents. 1) As mentioned earlier, there was a group of chinese joining the game but eventually left. Spoke to farjat and was trying to put in some chinese on the webby to help the players. (Idea KiV till now) 2) We always complain about the mass items, See other server like olympia had a handful of whores but people are still playing. Y? Cos the newbies are able to buy basic items(For survival) with gold. We wiped out the gold but we didnt made good used of the gold eventually. U can get decent items for survival with Mstones and X stones for for older players they need them for upgrades. Our Stones here r way to easy to get and have no value at all.(Can make items value to +3 max instaed of +1 to fail but make it harder to achcieve. This is bring up the values of the stones. 3) Lastly is the suggestion i made but the admins find it "Stupid and not gonna work" is having a pimp char online played by GMs who go around to protect the newbies at hunts. This char will drop stone when he dies and he does not attack any player unless the players attacked the newbie first. This makes a challendge for the old players and the new players will also have more confidence to hunt. The may even pick up fighting skills there. So in cases where the "GM" char is not there the players may also worry about and attack and really plan for it because they may think that the "GM" is invis ard the players.
  3. Was trying out the new patches and here are the findings: 1) Bleeding Island Ticket could not be bought. 2) Screen auto-toggles to low details in every change of map. 3) Having more Bumps then before the update. 4) Was in d2 and suddenly map down. (please get it up 2 chars stucked there)
  4. DanZ

    Quest For Zems

    tell me ur online timing and if I can make it I will bring you for a 1hr iw hunt and u call keep all the drops. all i need from u is a mage
  5. DanZ

    New Players Chain Quest Idea

    We're advertising the server, it's in our front page, it's in hb top 50, it's in Facebook ads and we sent all forum members an e-mail with x-mas event details. Hunter's events are the best, but even exact same events run by any other GM don't bring the same feeling back then the feeling hunter gave to it. The atmosphere is missing... Ofcrouse all event ideas are welcome though, yet as you can see, we're working towards more massively scaled events on a bigger scale dilivering unique rewards that can be obtained by anyone who puts effort into it. We're also looking into a system to automate scavenger hunt events into the current quest system, here we (the admins) can easly create a new quest which requires you to collect certain items and diliver them where the first, second, thirs or n-th completer of the event would be able to receive a reward. Yet this doesn't come easy with the current quest system, there are 3 main obstacles which remain in the system: 1. Globally counting who is first, second, third or n-th completer -> Yet this is faily easy to do, we add a new quest type and whenever someone completes it, the quest CONFIG completion count goes up by 1 and the count is broadcasted all over the game servers again so when the next player completes it, the server can determine the correct price. 2. Inventory space. -> To keep the quest in one piece, you'd be lacking inventory space to carry all requested items in a single inventory. So we need some system that shows the quest as one, but you can semi-complete it by dilivering a single objective to the quest NPC. 3. Rewards -> As mentioned in the first issue, we need to keep track of n-th completer. as with the current system the rewards are ALL given to the player (except the choose, where players choose the reward). As i'm speaking of n-th completer, we can't just add a new reward type which is "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th" it'll be an endless reward type amount of we want the n-th completer in it. So the better option is to add an additional field that indicates n-th completer number. Such scavenger system requires time and changes to the currently existing systems, yet we have it planned, but don't have it built yet. understand ur plannings white and they are great. but being a player for so long and hearing from players for so long I think that personal touch an active gm in game most time organising hunts with the players and talking to them gives a special fell of kinship. heard so many players saying the lack of a gm there with them.
  6. DanZ

    New Players Chain Quest Idea

    Maybe we need to make an adjustment to "civilians" to make that more usefull within the nemesis context. I was thinking of something as next: Once you join a town you can choose to be combatant or civilian, where combatants have no limitations and civilians are limited as next: - They CAN hunt/go to ANY map (as long as they got the map-level-requirement) - They cannot be killed by enemy players or their summons - They cannot attack enemy players - They see enemy players as Heroes of their own town. (the enemy player looks like a Hero from their own town, kinda disguise to prevent civilian status from being used to spy where enemies are and reveal who they are etc.) - They suffer from loot-degression -> Longer civilians = less chance for drops (primary and secondary) -> hours increase as people are ACTIVELY online as civilian and decrease as they're ACTIVELY online as combatants with a bottom limit of 0 hours civilian time. ACTIVELY online means not being inside any town maps (ares/elv, farm or the buildings related to them like shop, wh, bs, ch, etc...). - They gain assistance of Heroes of their own town, randomly a hero of their own town will come and aid them in battle. (this is to disguise the heroes and are actually enemies and eliminates the ability for the usage of civilian mode to spy). ------------ Additionally I'd also like to add to the idea of lugoire, where as visiting each of the key-pits in helbreath, we could indeed make them kill a certain amount of mobs in each pit and reward them with corrupted or limited items that are statted (bound ofcrouse !), this will aid them in both battle if they choose to become combatant or in further leveling/earning majestics if they choose to stay civilian according to the idea written above. yeah we can kinda look onto that direction but we also need to advertise more to attract ppl in. Maybe if I am given the power to run some events since having played hunters event for so long. maybe can create some fun out of it :).
  7. DanZ

    New Players Chain Quest Idea

    I also have my two cents of idea which is getting 1-2 players from the different time zone to be given an account like the GeeMee. this char is not to help lower populations in fights but to help new players. He can somehow hunt some basic mobs like trolls or cyc helping beginners to get some basic armours. (wats mobs to kill as a cap can be further defined) this char shall also protect the beginner from.other towns mass item players. he will not attacked any players unless they attacked the beginner so in short his like a guardian. this helps to keep the new population coming in and as well as making a challenge for the older player to killing him for some stones or something. well just some thoughts for consideration cos I think like any organisation retention is necessary. I have seen too many newbies getting rape for 1 week and off they go.
  8. DanZ

    Hb Neme Meme

  9. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    I'll talk to Joe first n tell u later
  10. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Lol Dario y not?
  11. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    When will that be bro
  12. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Thx Tony. Already added u on fb. Good Luck to u too with lots of drops. (Do not jeapodise ur law test pls) hahaha Have Fun Bro and ask manda add me pls JAJAJA ;) p.s If think a anti spam on red chat will be cool for cryers like Julieth. I pity his dog ;X By Du *Sweet Dreams* and good luck bro =)
  13. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Hi Lugiore Bro Thanks and good luck and lots of Fun in HB Nem :) Poorly managed, yet complimenting me for doing well... I manage the GvG fights as good as I can, I live stream them to the nemesis website as well as record them to there. And it's true, I don't have the final say on it, I am not the owner of Nemesis, I am just the coder who tries to innovate and extend the game in a balanced way as well as tries to organise somewhat larger scaled events as our very awesome event-gm Hunter[GM] is absent :( and player's have been crying out loud for more & bigger events. Anyway, you're free to go as you wish, but remember, The Abaddon is lurking in the Dark and waiting for you return ;) Hi White. The compliment is for the many hard work you actually attribute to this server at a sacrifice of your own time. If you remember, we spoke while ur working in the last update where u made the map restrictions and all. I understand it alot of work so Kudos for u ;) I also hope that one of these days I can manage my time on work n family and be able to come back once awhile to have fun with all my Brothers here. Good Luck in HB nem and life Joris Bro.
  14. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    @ mj the chat logs on cosable was enuff to prove. I'm sure u can trace the ip. The 2nd case yes u warn them but ita not a bug its an abuse:) Anyway dosent matter anymore good luck to u Mj @Moha I ain't whining here. Just speaking my 2 cents worth to how things can be better improved. Thanks for the fun and good luck to u 2 :)
  15. DanZ

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Thx too bro. Meet up in Singapore real soon when u drop by ;) 1 main reason for server to have lesser is ppl like u who crys like a loser and did no shit. Every1 trying to have fun yet your ultimate aim is to make ppl pissed off. Gd luck in life. Thx Paparazi. ;) No doubt we have been in diff towns and fought each others as soon as we meet. It was great fun. Good Luck to you too and have fun bro.