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  1. Shers!

    Im Out

    good bye
  2. Shers!

    To Marian/fede

    give me ur email jules :) for talk some days...hope u going good in the study !! the best for you...have alot of fun with u...lorenzo/juano bye friend
  3. Shers!

    Welcome Zorak[GM]

    welcome !!
  4. Shers!

    Godie - Logout

    good bye godie........nice to see u always hellfiring all day ! haha :) i hope u come back to play again.... lorenzo
  5. Shers!

    Valkyrie Account Sold!

    hahaha lol dario.. good bye valk..good luck ! =) lorenz
  6. Shers!


    23,4 MB
  7. Shers!


    uso el windows xp...y como no me andaba y me saltaba ese error, volvi a bajarme denuevo todo de la pagina y me sigue tirando el mismo error
  8. Shers!


    when i start the client i got failed...and say me read boxile error and this say me.. __SEH__ 0xef000006 at 0x7c812afb CS :0x0000001B SS :0x00000023 DS :0x00000023 ES :0x00000023 FS :0x0000003B GS :0x00000000 EAX:0x0012F868 EDX:0x7C91E514 ECX:0xEF000006 ESP:0x0012F864 EBP:0x0012F8B8 EIP:0x7C812AFB ESI:0x00000000 EDI:0x0012FB88 -- backtrace -- 0x7c812afb:[kernel32.dll]:(001:00011afb) 0x00590358:[Helgame.exe]:(005:0000c358) 0x0058b98d:[Helgame.exe]:(005:0000798d) 0x0058b13d:[Helgame.exe]:(005:0000713d) 0x0058cdd2:[Helgame.exe]:(005:00008dd2) 0x005862ab:[Helgame.exe]:(005:000022ab) 0x0058570b:[Helgame.exe]:(005:0000170b) --stack-- 0x0012f864: 0x0012fb64 0xef000006 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x0012f874: 0x7c812afb 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x7c80189c 0x0012f884: 0x0012fb88 0x0012fb64 0x7ffdf000 0x0012fb88 0x0012f894: 0x0012fb64 0xc0000011 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x0012f8a4: 0x000f7c94 0x0012f884 0x00000001 0x0012fc08 0x0012f8b4: 0x7c839ad8 0x0012f8d4 0x00590358 0xef000006 0x0012f8c4: 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0xef000006 0x0012f8d4: 0x0012fc18 0x0058b98d 0x003a3187 0x003a256f what is?
  9. Shers!

    Im A

    jajaja fede!!!!!!!!funny!
  10. Shers!

    Restart Server

    i think the sirver are really fine like now....i see new guys playing, fihgting and have fun...and i dont see ALOT of sb's, z wands and other many guys got sb or z wand ? a few..
  11. Shers!

    Top Ek Server?

    is GM char
  12. Shers!

    Player Salvation Pvp Scammer

    dont pvp FR0D0 too..he log off
  13. Shers!

    Removing Contribution Pts Cap?

    I dont like the idea who give stones for kill normal npc....i think gold and exp are alredy good for Contribution...if u want stones go wyv, if u want exp and drops go all in one little hunt
  14. Shers!


    a mage with MS18+rogm+DK15 and the war are afk...
  15. Shers!


    so...create new stone who give u when u up a weapon +1 give HP. and no dmg increase.