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  1. jokalotus


    great idea but i think it would be better if you ltpyed /blockrep and you couldnt be repped at all by anyone until ya undid it
  2. jokalotus

    Extra Bag Slots

    eks are a group thing tho this is not a 1vs1 game its a 1vs10 game why not play up that point?
  3. jokalotus


    Where these changed on purpose? Because before the changes i could maj with 4 cycs and they would respawn fairly evenly and i would never have to worry about waiting for them to respawn... now i must wait for them to respawn with 6 cycs in pit haven't checked with other pits cause that is the only one i visited regularly before the changes. I Read Koffka's post saying about the same thing but it was under a different thread so i figured i would make a post and get some answers.
  4. jokalotus

    Angels And Skills

    ok thought so but would have been nice to have 100% shield and more vit :)
  5. jokalotus

    Dragonia Down!

    Hey if you dont read the rules thats your own fault. but quit whining to GMs
  6. jokalotus

    Angels And Skills

    If i have 50 dex with angel and get 100% shield when i take angel off will my skill reduce? thx
  7. jokalotus

    Anc Vs. Sharp

    i had no idea that str lvl crit and zerk added on to the dice figured they were added on like +dmg at the end...
  8. jokalotus

    Anc Vs. Sharp

  9. jokalotus

    Anc Vs. Sharp

    yes exactly but with out stripping potential
  10. jokalotus

    Anc Vs. Sharp

    yea how str bonuses are counted in could make a big difference And if you were to +2 the same sharp wep wouldn't it make it equal to a anc wep? except for endurance? +3 better? Sharp+3 Example: Standard dice damage: 2D6+0 -> which is same as 2D6+0 -> 2 ~ 12 Damage Sharp: 2D7+0+0 -> which is same as 2D7+0 -> 2 ~ 14 Damage Sharp+3: 2D7+0+3 -> which is same as 2D7+3 -> 5 ~ 17 Damage Ancient: 2D8+0+0 -> which is same as 2D8+0 -> 2 ~ 16 Damage Am i wrong? And ruutu dunno what stats you are using but Battle Hammer is 3d8+1 Anc BH 3d10+1 4~31dmg Sharp 3d9+1 4~28dmg The only weapons that would not be better (Only equal) at +3 sharp then anc are: Battle Axe Hammer Battle Hammer Therefore upgrading these sharp weapons is completely idiotic and/or suicidal because getting a +4 without loosing your sharp BH wont happen..... but if you did it would be 8d32.... for BH
  11. jokalotus

    Donations Repricing

    I SMELL FRUIT.... maj points are buyable?
  12. jokalotus

    Anc Vs. Sharp

    as white is saying the +2 is added to minimum dmg not maximum so ancient will always be better for higher dmg but sharp is better for a more controlled even attack range so make your own decisions... and yes i realize about the endurance factor on anc weps which is awesome for training but in the end for getting eks doesnt help Thank you white and vamp for just being helpful!
  13. jokalotus

    Magic Gem Colors

    because emy is red and saph is purple and diamond is blue forgot what color ruby is but yeah EASY FIX
  14. jokalotus

    Happy B-day Jing[gm] !

    happy b-day cant wait till summer when you can be on more!
  15. jokalotus

    Full Hero Change

    lol 3 months for FH? you must be joking?!?.. ive been playing helbreath for 2 years and nemesis for 6 months straight and i have.....10eks on my warr i know i suck but i do have some decent gear. and i love the game unless i get caught without amp. I agree with milk on hero def im not even gonna get it on my warr my dkset is better then fh +4dmg? 100hp? thats a joke right? ill take more defense or a mr set any day ITS ARMOR!! its not a nifty gem or nice weapon ITS ARMOR! fh should have def