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    Pl Raider Mage

    i think the worst problem being a low vit mage is Vit warrs, with full pot in inva, BBH warrs issnt such a big prob, para, pfa, bliz bliz bliz run para, blizz bizz blizz para... and so on and mages, try get him parad, and crit him to hell with a nice rapier such as hp+91 psn or anc rep+7
  2. BumbleBee


    i do see what u mean Skyas. really i do, not fun if all can get good items in a few hunts. But i think Ogre ring should be pretty commen, same as DF+1 but if u want better its have to take time. i havnt voted anything becouse i havnt hunted much yet and dont know the situation 100%
  3. BumbleBee

    Type Of War.

    50 mag does make both pvp and pvm easier. makes your cast time faster = easier para pfa enemys = easy'r kill and makes regen better for longer standing wihtout repot mana's all the time :) go for that. and then 200 str is a good way to make good dmg. well im 200 dex dont know why they all say 191, guess something i dont know. and ofc the mighty 59 int for zerk. rest in vit
  4. BumbleBee

    Pl Raider Mage

    agrees :) likes the 100% fencing with a good rapier, pwn the mages and then u hit and run blizz on warrs ;)
  5. BumbleBee

    Double Exp

    love the exp at it is. First server who got it right. Its not too hard its not toooo easy. for example i cannot play every day, but still i managed to hit 180. and then theres still lower level action on server. Do not - again DO NOT change the exp, love it as it is
  6. BumbleBee


    dosnt sounds like the shylar who played ? but issnt something to laugh out laud if u did.
  7. BumbleBee

    Quitting On Christmas

    Shylar, forget the negative ppl, and have fun with the sociel friendly players !!! u are a nice person
  8. BumbleBee

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas Staff
  9. BumbleBee

    Wanna Play My Forum Game?

    ^ cant wait to hear < Hoping santaGM gonna give me my present V ending op to like eachother in the friendly way ;)
  10. BumbleBee

    Wanna Play My Forum Game?

    ^dont hate u, dont know u. < going to sleep V gives me hes/hers EK tomorrow
  11. BumbleBee

    Best Helbreath Drop You Ever Got

    HBunited: anc flame rep+2 - WW random private server(wasnt that good) medusa neck - zombie HBnem2 - guess its MR+35 W hose - IG
  12. BumbleBee

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    dear santa ill hope ive been a good boy this year, my present i wish to come true is a manu BBH+10 200% my name is Bomblebee
  13. BumbleBee

    New Year's Righteous Pvp Event

    O.o like reward . will try tho i dont have the biggest odds
  14. BumbleBee

    Yeap Time To Leave For While

    Finally i ding 180 and ur gone :( heh come back
  15. BumbleBee

    Christmas Events

    o.O woaw ! hope to be on in time
  16. BumbleBee

    Yeap Time To Leave For While

    thx for letting me in, BB m8 have fun.
  17. BumbleBee

    Level 120+ Mage

    Well some players dont play for the social fun aspect of the game, they here for ruin new players. Will glady help u out where its needed, just whisp me ingame. Ill sting the damn ****ers' hehe
  18. BumbleBee


    well i think its fair to kill the enemy in any level. And i think its lame to camp the low levelers pits! But if u run beside a level 140 enemy kill him, no mercy ! we are spartans ! But go make your own grave if u camp the pits
  19. BumbleBee

    Low Lvl Dungeon

    Hey guys i was thinking back to HBint, where the Low level dungeon was a place to spend alot of time eking in a lvl of 60- So what about making it on nemesis, but raise the limit. Maybe to around 85, 100, 120 or maybe even up to 140? Twinking is always a fun way to play a game. Its fun to gear up, fun to make low lvl PvP and that dungeon is just awesome. ^^ well think about it //Bee
  20. BumbleBee

    Winter Scavenger Hunt- Win A Gm!

    these are good, really good. its just sade i cant be on this day. Grats to the man or girl who wins the price !
  21. BumbleBee

    Update On Christmas Files

    like the idea
  22. BumbleBee

    Low Lvl Dungeon

    Yeah its the same i search, a pvp without insane blizz, BBH, BH and lower health :)
  23. BumbleBee

    Low Lvl Dungeon

    yeah u guys prob right about the pits, But sounds cool to make a a pit for each town and one in the middle!
  24. BumbleBee

    Low Lvl Dungeon

    it could be alot fun indeed. :)
  25. BumbleBee

    *** Merien Stone Event For All Levels***

    :) will do everything i can to be there. ! Super Power Green potion FTW