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  1. armin

    Can We Get Some Info?

    Great job! Let me know if u guys need help! ill be on to help you try stuff! Calu, si necesitan algo avisame! abrazo!
  2. armin

    [event] Trick Or Treat !? -- Extended --

    so i can carry all the pumpkins in my bag? does every pumpkin has a code of where it has been droped? i can put them in wh and keep goin?
  3. armin

    Roll Back

    Always Nemesis is a step foward, GMs will handle tickets and updates as usual. Always up. and ppl again on!
  4. armin

    Roll Back

    4th or 5th time in last week that server rolls back.. Any idea whats goin on?
  5. armin

    [fixed] Elv Map Down

    RRHH es recursos humanos, aca manejamos otro tipo de INFO. RRPP. q le pasamos al jefe. Como por ej: CALUUUUUUU ELV DOWN!!!!!.
  6. armin

    Now Auto Update,,,,so...we Can Use New Map?

    MAPS BACK!!! older maps where better! (newst since this ones we using the old ones xD).
  7. armin

    [fixed] Ares Map Down?

    Elv down now i think,.. cant log.
  8. armin

    Cant Log In

    Same happens when u have a char that is been used, and u go back to the 1st screen of login, same sign comes out.
  9. I got a question White, with Xelima stones now u can use to upgrade necks and rings, that means i can +1 my ROAM or ROGM or RODR and the dmg is more? and it is safe to+1 then u can loose it?
  10. armin

    Scheduled Maintenance - Friday Oct 5, 2:30 Pm

    i have the no tree pack, ill send u by mail to Calu or White.
  11. armin

    New Bonus?

    u love me.. :wub:
  12. And plz lets make the point clear, our goberment is not screwin us up.. just takin some decisions to make things better.. ty :)
  13. Ves por la limitacion esta yo voy a tener que hacerles los cashouts en mercadopago en pesos a valor oficial a la fuerza!! Ellos me obligan a dejar los US$ afuera del pais!! jajajajaja Islas, pero si vas afuera los podes traer en mano? o tmb hay q esconder? anda contratando alguna mula o pasalos por ahi por el rio en tus pagos