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  1. kubano

    Trade MR42 Chain mail M

    Chain mail mr42 traded. Added new chain mr21 M Looking for mp w Mr w 21/ chain mail/helm/plate Xelimas
  2. kubano

    Crusade/Heldenian Timing

    Apocalipse on Monday 12pm America time Farjat? Seems very late consideri g ppl work on Monday. 😞 Apocalipse would be nice on Fridays night time America so its good for everyone. Just a thought.
  3. kubano

    Trade MR42 Chain mail M

    Hello there: Im trading mr42 chain M for: MR42 W (no leather) Mp W (no leather) /to Pitufina
  4. kubano

    Week #1 Scavenger Hunt!

    If it will dissapear after 20 hours why bother ? :glare: Why not a week?
  5. kubano

    Hello Again Nemesis

    My points of why nemesis 3 lost so many players are the same as some ppl had mentioned already: 1- First drop been really bad, while second drop is so farking alarming. << My honest idea is that second drops makes the game imbalance. 2- Exp is really bad. Ppl dont want to spend months and months lving a char to enjoy the game. 3- Invulnerability system (i have no words to describe how bad this was). 4- MIM buyable at shop ? OMG!!! no more words.
  6. kubano

    So Whats The Plan Gm Team?

    Do they even play? Ive heard Arirang quited. Kukuanga ? how many are they? 4-5 ? Dude Survivors is a guild of finnish ppl, asian ppl, usa ppl, caribbean ppl plus we dont have 12 hours free time like you. We arent all args like argenlandias. We work and take care of life you know. Our Guildmaster is in army right now. Rage quit? pls, theres not even 1% of interest in playing the server now with 55 ppl. We dont know if hunt for nothing. Server state is so unknown we are passive waiting. And theres many ppl trying to sell before it happens what everyone knows. So i suggest you sell the stuff you bought too.
  7. My suggestion is way nicer than yours. Make Nemesis 4. Exp *50 Drop rate 40% more than neme 3 first drop Drop rate 50% less than second drop than neme 3. Result will be 20 bitches leaving the server. 120+ more guys returning to nemesis and enjoying the game. Of course this is madness for some selfish guys who like slavery and only hunt in hb but never fight.
  8. kubano


    hey nyros u said 12ares vs 7 argen, dont forgot there was some harapeko and hachis with u guys..they became very active in fight now..why don u say few ares vs 15+elvs after that..alot ppl are from different timezone...all ppl is impossible online at same time..we are not crying..for me the issue of imbalance still same. ..just changed side :) Nyros pls shut your mouth for a while. Right now your playing and fighting because of Survivors. Call us what you want, we kill you and keep running. Were the only ones figthing there and you and your guild only do is invis and if we get you pfa you leave screen, invis for 1 minute then appear again or run to elvine with your tail between your legs. Now you have the numbers + all the game items rares, sb+ie+ and all the crap elvs have and you still run to safe. Wtf you want? We dont know if casting pfa or leave you alone to stay in a fight. Maybe if we get xelima to make you instant kill to have an elv ek otherwise you leave fight invised. Ares town now is only Survivors and some random guys nobody else. Respect us cuz were there fighthing in this not like you that cried for weeks to have antik in elv, well now you have it. Enjoy waiting lot of time to get 1 ek. Ares guilds: Survivors, FNDA few ones and a few Natural Selection nothing more.
  9. kubano


    Nyros without Maynards and Ninjas invis your a kissing floor mage. Sorry but hes the only man worth there. No hard feelings
  10. kubano


    We dont care Anti-K went to elvine, but now its worse. Bring some elvs to ares to compensate the loosing of ppl. The only anti-K member thats very hard to kill is MaynarD the rest arent a big deal. Ninja is easy once MaynerD is taking dmg. Problem is ppl just focus on Maynerd cuz hes good :D, rest of them are yummy eks :) I like Harapeko guild, they know how to fight. Sasfour could do it too.
  11. kubano


    Nope sorry, im no more looking for GS, need mp M. Thanks the other guys to offer but i dont play w chars, offer M ty B)
  12. kubano

    Employments, Jobs.

    Im a salesman. I work in a company that sells wear parts for Boom pumps, Mixer trucks, Batch plants. I make the quotations and try to sell all pieces i can to expand my boss company. But im still studying computer engeniering and trying to finish learning programming in Java but im still a damn noobie :D in programming.
  13. kubano


    HP 42 Leather W Traded DR 42 Leather W BBH+3 DM+2 >> MS12 can do MR 21 Wings M MR 21 Berk M >>new MR 21 Hose M >>new MR 21 Plate M >>new HP 84 Blonde shield >> only for MP 77+ shield Looking for MP M any piece of armor except horns/wings unless they are light (104 str). Post here your offer or pm. I wont make fun of your offer but please offer armors. Thanks
  14. kubano

    Helbreath Nemesis By Alemina

    Polish = Cheaters :D :lol: ^_^ . Sorry but its true. Ive been playing hb for so long and yet i find that polish and koreans ALWAYS find ways to cheat in any game ive been. Btw can you teach us how to use that macro? Would be nice to try that just for once :wub:. Sasfour weakness is simple, if they dont have more mages than wars they die B) . Its the price for playing only mage then you try to play war = total disaster at open areas like ml :ph34r:
  15. kubano

    Your Desktop View While Playing Helbreath

    Those are pretty clean ones. I cant post mine :D sorry :D