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  1. WitchDoc

    New Year Pvp Event

    good idea, and then fg the 2 main prizes after the last event =]
  2. WitchDoc

    New Command!

  3. WitchDoc

    M Shield Wand (require Int)

    get a mage with mpset and just msheild all the time imo. its practically dk set on its own. a mage who always uses msheild and knows how to tower and dodge is next to unstoppable. dk is overpowered 100%. cant agree more with this statement, dex is almost useless because of it. Dex is meant to have double effect, make more hit% and make harder to hit, but whats the point in high dex when anyone with 50 dex and a dkset can use hp weapon and warrior effectively? Not saying if 1 50 dex and 1 200 dex went to fight the 50dex would win, but because of both using dk the fight could take quite long which is rediculous, in melee the 200 dex should win hands down.
  4. WitchDoc

    Vote In Top 50 For Event

    rofl i called u humter[GN] =D
  5. WitchDoc

    System Restore

    maybe if enough of population votes, like if sade bugs or something, there can be some sort of vote system to begin sade :D that way players can help themselves if is bug. The threshold would have to be quite high tho, like 75%+ of players need type command /startcrusade for it to register, or maybe it would count how many votes are cast until it reaches a critical number, like 120. Obviously anyone detected using command at the wrong time would be punished for trying to change server schedule.
  6. WitchDoc

    Tuesday Sades Bugged Again Boys

    does this mean i can go to lunch?
  7. WitchDoc

    Happy Birthday Hunter[gm] !

    omg0zr0rs i wasnt even on when it was his bday! sry mans, much love happy birthday :D
  8. WitchDoc


    Basically, when your an important part of the community, its in the community's interest to keep you. Sometimes these valued people arent the smartest, or are the victims of unfortunate circumstances, so on the odd occation that their items are stolen, its in HBnemesis's interest to see that these items are returned, so that an important member of the community is not lost. This however is a very rare occurance considering the vast community, and the few instances when it has happened have been widely publicized to make it appear a 'common occurance', however the general assumption should be made by all players that action is entirely at the descretion of the individual GM's and should not be expected or asked for, as it is not a policy of HBnemesis and/or company to correct the mistakes of its players. HBnemesis & Co. takes a minimal interference approach to the administeration and management of its virtual enviroments, and attempt only to get involved in matters where the game itself is in need of rectification. The matters of the players and their characters and items are wholey the responsibility of their owners and while we reserve the right to deny access of the games features (to varying degree's) and even block or delete accounts, the staff at HBnemesis are primarily employed to provide a service of server maintainance and game coding, not community management.
  9. WitchDoc

    Hitting Probability

    perhaps nice idea, but also i think maybe swing should be a bit faster to allow crit dmg to multiply a bit. having someone para/bump and putting 1/2 bbh crit in them is nice, but would be better to put 2/3 axe crits in same amount of time if that was an option.
  10. WitchDoc

    Hitting Probability

    when josh owned eos i sold him anc baxe hp21 for ma21 sheild and some other bits and peices. I bought it originally for 1 zem.
  11. WitchDoc

    Dk15 Templar's

    I always play with low details for extra fps, but i can always tell if its dk15 hitting me even if i cant see the glow. The dmg difference between +8 and +15 is that noticable.
  12. WitchDoc

    Hitting Probability

    im going to say yes, i never read much into baxes, but ive rarely seen a fh baxe user, and it cant be because of the dmg because ive seen an anc baxe critical jun before.
  13. WitchDoc

    Dk15 Templar's

    A flame+3 is the same as GiS dmg, which as u all know should be 156str, but with flame+3 is only 130 str, thats important not to forget. Temp does do more dmg than flame+3 in normal hits, and it will hit alot more often, even tho it also is 130 str. My entire hb life (almost 7 years) i have used flames. I can promise u, flame+3 doesnt compare to dk+15. Temp is not meant to be mass dmg, its key advantages is its pvm abilities, its high hit %, and its crit range. Flame+3 may share the crit range, and occationally the dice will give u a nice crit, but that is extremely rare, anyway you'd have to be pretty lucky to land 50% of the crits u throw against anyone who isnt naked. DK+15 will deliver a reliable stream of hits, allowing for a much better chance of consecutive hits/combo's, and the dmg will be more constant also, rarely varied beyond 20 dmg up or down. Flame+3 could be anywhere from 6~35 without rings/necks. DK+15 however is more like 24~52 without ring/necks according to general dmg tables and variable str stat effects. Ive never seen a flame hit critical on anyone, but I bet we've all seen atleast someone get critical with +15. Sry for the long post but i almost dont believe this topic exists. You'd need a pretty amazing flame to ever come close to +15 dmg... and even if u ever got lucky enough to see that dmg once, i doubt u would see it again from the same flame for a long time. A better test would be to have both items hitting someone, one at a time, for 30 secs, and see which one cause the most dmg over the time.
  14. WitchDoc

    Original Serv Dmg To Weapons.

    You are correct, sir. The damage on DK15 is fine, especially since you get all those extra stats you can put in vit for having 130 str. I have zerk, 200 dex, and soon to have 50 mag, and I still have 800+ HP. I agree about raising the damage (slightly) of the under-used weapons, ALONG with the under-used spells. We need to get some frickin variety in these builds, instead of just BBH or DK15 warrios, and Blizz Mages. make dk15 140 str plx <3