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    Can Any1 Tell Me Who This Is?

    Owned +2 Get the message Toilet, die plz and your work will be appruciated ^_^ See that?? White banned for hinting i should kill my self. You earn respect not demand it. Everygm on this deserves there position other than white. I posted in the abuse section about it but still. Even though its a free game to play that you provide you dont have any power over me. White acts like hes a better person than me when where both playing the same game. I honestly dont need to play nemesis anyway although i enjoy talking to my guild and joking around its not everything if you feel what i have said on this reply has offended you permanantly ban me i wouldnt be too happy about it but after 10 minuets i wouldnt care. Banned for being sarcastic not only one char but all 3 of my chars, white has made several threats about me being permanantly banned and he's said its only a matter of time and at the time i took his threats light hearted but apparently a large member of people take this game far to seriously.
  2. Toilet

    Can Any1 Tell Me Who This Is?

    But its perfectly fine for peolpe todo it to me?????????????? Cant even joke its god dam pathetic.
  3. Toilet

    Can Any1 Tell Me Who This Is?

    Erm?? I've not once ever got mad over a game so your wrong. Sounds like whitegm and hellbeast to me.
  4. Toilet

    Nemesis Easter Week Events

    lol your constant event ideas amaze me. nice work sounds wicked
  5. Toilet

    Change Pvp Date- Discuss Pls

    Me and hoofarted are going out on the 4th. Wont be able to make it.... :S so african doesnt have a team
  6. Toilet

    Morclorc Is Now Du^^..xd

    welcome to the dark side (African)
  7. Talking trash is not only amusing its enjoyable. It DOESNT reflect anyones personailty or social life so all the Dr phil's out there its time for a job change. This topic is the very reason i give so many players a hard time. Take whitegm you say one thing to his char ingame and he harrasses you on his gm. It's HILIRIOUS if anything those who take little insults personal over the interenet are the people with social floors. You could say anything to me and id find it funny not insulting... If you actually manage to annoy me be prepared for a global explosion untill you shut up but even then its amusing arguing about nothing that carry's any importance. Now for recalling.... Who said you cant recall? Pfm? shield? run? safe? It's pathetic how so many players think theres some acient scripting on how to play helbreath theres only one person who can play to your standards and thats your self but obviously if people waste your time there going to provoke a response. It's actually amazing to hear the depth of some peoples opinion on how to play but by having your own system not recalling or using safe for example only matches the majority's opinion and those who do recall fall into the minority and get abused for it. That's why helbreath is unique and so enjoyable if you dont share the shame opinion global mute for a couple of weeks and see how much *fun* your having.
  8. Lol no one in African Recalls or runs safe but ok... If you dont want to hear those types of comments dont give people any reason to use them.
  9. Toilet

    How To Protect Yourself?

    lol its a good job the automatic ek lamer doesnt ban because Inevitable guild wouldnt exsist.
  10. Toilet

    African/trojan Men

    Well there a pathetic guild and a pathetic group of players. White gm threatening on a gm because his guild tried to kill me for no reason. Baby's spit there dummy out when they cant get there own way. Gimlin you got kicked out of survivors and went elvine. Your a selfish player who crits low level's off dragon drops. So instead of evaluating trojan men take a look at your self. Like ive said from the start your welcome to come to our hunts on your other chars but you will die. So all it comes down to is us being a better group of players than you and you cant do anything about it.
  11. Toilet

    African/trojan Men

    we may wyv after we may not 99% we dont anyway... Stop moaning and deal with it.
  12. Toilet

    African/trojan Men

    Loose everytime? Get real lmao if you ever think you can beat me you need to wake up and apologise. And shompy wyvern pit cant be compared to scorps. Thanks.
  13. Toilet

    African/trojan Men

    i owned those noobs with my warrior 10 vs 2 killed 3 Yeh i was in that 2 =]
  14. Toilet

    African/trojan Men

    lewbowski im not sure i know you but heres a virtual high five. 2 black smith chars raiding 5-8 players with mp set/mr set. I'd count that as a blessing if 2 bs chars raided my hunts seriously.
  15. Toilet

    African/trojan Men

    Own town???? what own town??? If im on aresden then aresden is my own town. If im on my elvine elvine is my own town. You dont have any argument your just mad because you cant kill us. Making pathetic posts about us wont change anything its a high exp server many people have characters in both towns and its there choice on who they kill. Eldon you have an elvine and have eked with me before so mind telling me the difference?? Fact is you cant kill two black smith armor players and instead of fighting you whine and search for reasons to ban. Gimlin if you want to log on an aresden with 0 items and raid our hunts 1vs6 do it you wont hear a word from us.