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  1. Monkey

    Forum Event- Design A Weapon

    - Time Hammer Same damage as normal hammer. Activation: MC Hammer will show up on your screen and makes everyone dance, cause you can't touch this :D
  2. Monkey

    Remember The Old Days?

    Okay, this is for all the players from INT 1.01 Open-BETA. Remember that Critical used to be deadly and demons where still in farm without shop/bs/wh in farm. So what do you guys remember from those max lvl 120 days??? Atleast before 1.08 (the horned/winged/bh update). Now what is really bothering me is the former name of clairvoyance. If anyone still knows it :P. We used to hunt trolls in garden with like 6 ppl :P. Super scared of those cyc in D2 and always getting lost in there. Always have to carry a map with you, without the minimap you were sure to get lost :P.
  3. Monkey

    About /createparty

    You get a 9% increase in first drop chance when your inside a party (doesnt matter if your alone or with 8 players), also in ML/BF there is a increase of 9%/10% increase in second drop chance. So in other words kokkeli you couldn't be more wrong, and yes I have seen the actual HB nem code.
  4. Monkey

    If Anyone Cares...

    Hi all, I'm sorry to inform you that I am quitting HB altogether. It was fun for 11 years, but the game has gotten old and stale. I thank anyone who hasn't recalled/safed in pvp or kewl massive fights. And ofcourse special thanks to BiB for the fun times raiding their hunts with Trojan Men/African. Bye bye, and take care all. PS -> all my items will be defided between Stickie/UnderDawg so don't bother asking. - Giant.
  5. Monkey

    Solution To Loggers

    Why are there so many ppl in this topic that write a not well thought out argument. For example someone said: "If you can't kill/hit someone within 10 seconds, he deserved to log-out." This is not a valuable argument, cause I will bet you 100 zems that I can avoid any dmg from a war for 10 seconds easily. Get my point? I think something has to be done about logging out in the middle of combat, and going to the bathroom isn't an excuse. When I'm playing poker online (for real money) I can easily wait for the hand I'm in to finish and then go to the bathroom. Also I second the notion that whenever an emergency comes up you really do not care about the zem/ek, if you don't you don't deserve to live. Medication is also not a good argument, first of all medication has to be taken at certain points of one day. So you should know when to take them, and you could've easily avoided any PvP before the time to take these medications. Epileptic attacks/heart failures or insuline (forgive my spelling on these) all fall under "emergencies". So in other words, the standing still for 10 seconds to log-out is a valuable suggestion to fix this exploit 90% of the HB player base is using.
  6. Monkey

    Africans Guild Please Reply

    GM's and VICE GM's of "African" were: - Head: JoshCOOL - Co: For as far as I know all members were CO GM's and had access to the guildmaster character. * When JoshCOOL got banned with all his characters till 2030, HOOFARTED quit playing aswell, he might log-in occasionally. * But "African" has been decleared dead, we are SNEAKY now :lol: , and MaynarD, Alright(RngD), and Me (Giant) are the 3 main guildmasters of our new guild. * Keep in mind that this new guild is not the same guild as "African". *
  7. Monkey

    Staff Getting Tired...

    If ppl still won't believe, look what happened to JoshCOOL. but, understood the idea !
  8. Monkey

    Josh Is Banned.

    Sad day for nemesis, One of the best player has left.... Had fun! playing with ya Josh!
  9. Monkey

    Suggestions: Battle Mage

    Go for a mag or dex angel. Your preference, but I would choose mag. First go for at least dk wand+6 for the extra mana save. Then you can upgrade your dk sword to +2 (dkgis) and choose what you want to do after. Why are you giving him bad advice? First of all it's not worth getting a angel if you are not going to upgrade them, it is a waste of majestic points. Second of all, the main dmg will be comming from your magic attacks, so upgrading your wand will be your main concern. DK+2 sword still sucks, so for pvp dmg get a reasonable crit flam. And DO NOT get mage hero items, get the ones for warrior.
  10. Monkey

    Guild Vs Guild Pvp

    African hereby signing up for Guild 5vs5 PvP.
  11. Monkey

    African/trojan Men

    Hey blast, we can't stop them..... ...Lets go to forum and complain, while hoping they will be banned for this completely legal thing. African > server.
  12. Monkey

    Low-level Spells

    There are 2 easy solutions I can think of and wich is also very easy to implant. * 1: - Increase Magic Damage and other attributes ("stamina drain", "lowering endurance") of all spells exept blizzard. - Blizzard should't hit less times, the damage just needs to be reduced by ~10%. ESW should be the absolute best spell when looking at magic damage. And toying around with INT/MANA cost for each spell. * 2: - Change "max. MP formula", the same as nemises has previously done with the "max. HP formula. * 1/2: - Fire-Wall, Fire-Field, Fire-Bow, Poison-Cloud, Ice-Storm and Cloud-Kill should not remove players from a paralyze. Meaning players that are in party have a disadvantage in PvP, players then need to use normal dmg spells to remove them from paralyze. Wich means mages would be able to damage themself severely, making them easier to kill (if they aren't PFM/AMP).
  13. This would only work, and what would be a damn great idea, if they made a different server for it. Like international had "Abaddon" and "Apocalypse" server. And by making the second server max lvl 79. So people wont have these raiders with X weapons, Angels+10, Zerker Wands etc. cause vs war ND = DR set, vs mage = Ma set. These would practicly make you invinsible, also light protection necks.
  14. Monkey

    Ingame Item Names

  15. Monkey

    Ingame Item Names

    Fixed the errors, thanks for pointing them out!