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    Btw if people feeling Golden Era and Banana are fun I think many peoples still play at there. But 99.9% old Nemesis players left and both servers are dead already. Why people don't feel fun? Only not fresh server and people don't have interest in both of server? Most of Banana players are bored for high drop rate? then Golden Era how? 1 more question. Where are GM char? When GM char online? White[GM] any answer for these question?
  2. KissMeBabY

    Aresden Town Is Down Again On Banana Server!

    Forum and Ticket nothing mean. Go facebook and find White better. Forum and Ticket really nothing mean..... By the way White[GM] never play the game and never know what's happen/prob. I think this is the most important thing/prob.
  3. KissMeBabY

    Aresden Town Is Down On Banana Server

    It has elapsed 30 hours or more from the occurrence of the problem and still has yet to resolve. Heard some 1 reported problem by ticket, but does not have any reply. Server out of control right?