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  1. -*BtO*-

    Anoyone Playin This Server Anymore?

    i may be back too if i recover some of my items Escabio
  2. -*BtO*-

    Donations Repricing

  3. -*BtO*-

    Christmas Wish List

    ma36 cape
  4. -*BtO*-


    dios le da pan al que no tiene dientes
  5. -*BtO*-

    What Do Players Want?

    i would better say no- raid on week only in those maps
  6. -*BtO*-

    Protesting Against Hb Arg

    claro que existe papa
  7. -*BtO*-

    Protesting Against Hb Arg

    guys do something fast because this is going worst every day.... for those ppl who said ye i ll go try NEMarg but i ll be back to INT in 1 week i think its time to come back now i ve seen others server falling and this situation reminds me those servers a lot.. other thing that i dont understand is WHY non-arg ppl also went to NEMarg...u love args or what?? BTW i am arg and i still here i wont abandon the ship
  8. -*BtO*-


    pero chee...hicieron enojar a garrapata estaran contentos!! :@
  9. -*BtO*-

    Que Hay Detras De Tu Nick?

    jajaja q forro +1 :P dah yo keria contar la historia larga pero bue... jugando a la pelota siempre gano saltando de cabeza (juego desde los 6 a?os :P) y me gritaban "Buena Cabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" no te decian "cabe" porque cabeceabas siempre con las pibas?
  10. -*BtO*-

    Que Hay Detras De Tu Nick?

    yo le doy al vodka mal por eso mi viejo me dice ElRuso o Escabio y de ahi mis nombres.. al vino le pego lindo tambien
  11. -*BtO*-

    Video De La Inauguracion!

    jajajaj, warcita ya esta chupando la media que asqueroso...
  12. -*BtO*-

    New User Of Belv

    lol guerrero u spend 200 usd everytime u go out?? lets say 4-5 times per month = 800-1000 usd, i dont believe u listen this: some people (mostly those who are very active and play a lot) get the FH set+dk15+ some others nice sets and they just get bored of running ml all day in search of eks, so they decide to start again from the beginning, u know reach 180 lvl, find some items,trades,craftings,etc...Thats why they sell their chars. Or maybe they just need time for other things and decide to drop out HB
  13. -*BtO*-

    Is Int Angel Bugged?!

    i think that when you equip ur int angel again you recover ur spells (so you dont have to buy them again) this is how it is supposed to work
  14. -*BtO*-

    Medusa Sword

    this is not 100% true, for players with low fps (60) it is not usefull.. I have it verified maybe would be nice 1 medusa sword bounded ( but with 5 secs lize ;P) BUT only 1 in server.. (and not in the biggests guilds..)